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How to Order the Perfect Sweatshirt for Your New Little

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Written by: Alex

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So you want to order the perfect matching sweatshirts for you and your perfect new little? Maybe you should call Something Greek. Oh, it's 3am? No worries! Follow these steps to perfection. Step 1: Select our Fraternity 2 Hooded Sweatshirt Special from the menu on the left hand side of Select your sweatshirt color, size, letter color/pattern, border color (if applicable) and then repeat for your little's sweatshirt. Write out your organization in the box, and click "Add to Cart."

greek sorority fraternity hoodie custom pattern print letter color border somethinggreekStep 2: Click on the blue "customization" tab at the top of the website, and select the location for your desired customization. I'm going to suggest embroidering your names on the right sleeves, so we'll click on "Additional Embroidery-Right Sleeve". Then, choose your embroidery color and embroidery font, and write out the wording you would like to be embroidered. Make sure that you indicate which garment you want this embroidery to go on. For example, if your little's sweatshirt is a small, you can write "(on small)" next to the wording to go on your little's sweatshirt. If both sweatshirts are the same size, you can just write "(on first sweatshirt)." Click "Add to Cart" and then repeat for your sweatshirt.

Want each sweatshirt to indicate who's the big and who's the little? You will need to change the quantity at the bottom to 2 for two lines of embroidery. Then, you can write something like, "Line 1: Michelle's Line 2: Little."

embroidery sleeve placement customization greek fraternity sorority shirts jackets somethinggreekStep 3: Want to add your pledge classes on the left sleeve? Select "Additional Twill Letters- Left Sleeve" from the Customization menu. Select your twill letter color and twill border color (if applicable). Be sure to write out the English word(s) of the Greek letter(s) you want. So, if we continue with our example, you could write "Gamma Pi (on small)" for your little's sweatshirt. Hit "Add to Cart" and repeat for your sweatshirt.

Now all you have to do is hit checkout, and you've created the perfect, personalized sweatshirts for you and your little!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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