Five Things People Who Don't Go Greek Will Never Understand

Join, or GDI. TFM. There are so many benefits of Greek life. There are the life long bonds, fun Friday nights, fulfilling philanthropic work, and so much more. With all of these benefits it seems strange that not everyone goes Greek. Here are the top five things people who don't go Greek will never understand. 1. The bond between pledge sisters. I cannot think of a topic that I would feel uncomfortable talking to my pledge sisters about. They know everything about me, and I know everything about them. 2. What putting in your dues means (and I'm not talking about those fees you have to pay). At your first job out of college you'll probably be an assistant, and you'll probably be doing the work no one else wants to do. The people I know who were in Greek life and went through some sort of new member program understand know that this is just how the world works. My friends that weren't in Greek life? They constantly complain that they're jobs aren't to fold up architectural drawings or make copies. Oh, but technically it is. 3. The excitement that comes with alumni events. My boyfriend wasn't in a fraternity and he always looks at me weird when I say I'm going to an alumni event for my sorority. When you're active, you can't wait to go to those kinds of things, so obviously I'll be taking advantage now. 4. How crucial it is to win something during Greek Week. My sorority was never very athletic (well, at least while I was active, apparently we used to win Greek Week in its entirety back in the 90s and early  2000s), but when it came to best banner or toga dances we were highly competitive. Sometimes you need a little something to get excited about when the semester is dragging in mid April. 5. The feeling of fresh letters. You know that feeling when you pull your custom sorority shirt out of the package from Something Greek? Those never-worn letters are crisp and screaming to be broken in. Ahh the little things in life. What else can you think of that people who don't join Greek life miss out on? This list could probably go on for days, so let us know on Facebook and Twitter! -Michelle Giuseffi
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