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Do You Have the Sorority It-Factor?

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THETA PHI ALPHA - Justice. Wisdom. Loyalty. Faith. Truth. Honor. I know I've written lists recently about how being Greek benefits you in your post-college life, but this time Something Greek wanted to bring you a personal story. Last week, I had an encounter with someone that really proved to me how much being in a sorority shaped me. Let's call that the sorority it-factor. I was having lunch with a colleague when she asked me where I get my drive from. I was stumped. This wasn't the first time someone asked me this question either, so you would think I'd have an answer, but I just gave her an odd look and said "Umm I really don't know. This is just my personality." Then she proceeded to tell me how much she admired how well-spoken, professional, and motivated I am considering I'm only 22. This got me thinking-- why am I this way? And then it clicked. The reason is my sorority. Okay, maybe I'm well-spoken because I was an English major, but I really think a lot of my eloquence has to do with standing in hours upon hours of recruitment rounds. You really have to think out what you're saying when your in a recruitment room. For one, most schools have rules about what you can talk about, and you're also trying to put your sorority--or just Greek Life in general-- in a positive light. That really comes in handy when talking to people at work. Yes, sometimes I don't agree with other people's ideas, but as the assistant, you have to know when it's appropriate to voice that opinion and when it isn't. I truly think being in round rooms during sorority recruitment has helped me to learn this. Many people look at fraternity and sorority members as the opposite of professional, but who else do you know on campus who has to attend mandatory leadership conferences? Pretty sure that's just us Greeks. Also, talking to alumni and student activities professionals forces you to learn a professional demeanor. Not to mention, holding executive positions in a Greek organization--especially president--comes with great responsibility and requires a high level of maturity and professionalism. It's kind of hard not to be motivated when you have a full time class schedule, a part time job, an internship, and you're president of your sorority. Most people in Greek life would get nothing done if they weren't motivated. We always have so much going on at once. Oh, and we still manage to have fun while doing it. I always knew I was grateful for my sorority and my sisters, but looking back on my four years now, I can proudly say that I am so appreciative of all the lessons being a part of an amazing sisterhood has taught me. So the next time you start complaining about the long hours standing in heels in a recruitment room or all of the pressure that comes with your fraternity or sorority executive position, remember this: once you graduate, you'll always be better than the competition simply because you have the sorority it-factor. -Michelle Giuseffi
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