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Your Summer 2014 Bucket List

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So now that it's officially summer and you've been home for a few weeks, you're probably starting to get bored. Sure, not having to go to class is great, but your best friends are no longer just across the hall. Something Greek has compiled a list of 14 things you need to do in summer 2014!

roadtrip alert! GirlsGuideTo | Girls Guide To's Ultimate Summer Bucket List | GirlsGuideTo 1. Rewatch all of the episodes of Gossip Girl. 2. Do something tourist-y in your hometown that you've never done before. 3. Go visit one of your sisters that lives just a state or two away. 4. Read something that isn't a requirement. 5. Talk to someone who could advance your future career. 6. Pick up said friend from number 3, and visit your sister who lives the furthest away. 7. Start applying for fall internships (sorry, this one isn't that fun, but it will pay off). 8. Have a picnic at your high school with your hometown best friend. 9. Learn how to cook a few new essential meals. This will come in handy if you're living off campus next semester! 10. Find a drive-in movie theater. Old school fun. 11. If you're of age, go to a wine or beer tasting. 12. Get started on crafting for next semester. 13. Order some patriotic Greek gear! 14. Take your younger sibling(s)  somewhere fun. They'll be going off to college too before you know it! Summer Bucket List: Go Star Gazing.  Lots of blankets and pillows in back of pickup truck, sky watching at its best! What's on your summer bucket list? We'd love to hear about what you just NEED to do this summer on Facebook or Twitter! -Michelle Giuseffi
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