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New Products from Something Greek!

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Written by: Alex

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We've just added some awesome new Greek products to the Something Greek site! You'll find Sorority totes that are perfect for a beach bag, Greek travel coffee mugs to take along to your summer internship, Fraternity and Sorority tanks, and much more!

sorority made with love printed tote bag heart greek clothing merchandise

Let's start off with my favorite of all of these new products, the Sorority Made With Love Printed Tote Bag . It's a perfect beach bag, but can also carry your books in the fall! If you're not into the heart pattern, we're also offering this tote in a mascot pattern, love pattern, and the Sorority Allie Tote.

sorority fraternity custom engraved heart greek letters paddle diy wood do-it-yourself

We know it's not paddle season, but we're sure you can come up with another crafty reason to use these Custom Engraved Heart Letters!

sorority printed ladies v neck burnout tee fraternity sorority shirts and merchandise

Were you a fan of the Power Puff Girls as a kid? Let your inner child out with our Sorority Printed Ladies V-Neck Burnout Tee.

phi sigma sigma sorority soup bowl greek fraternity sorority accessories merchandise

Eat your soup--or ice cream--in this fun Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority Soup Bowl!

sorority printed love and date burnout tee custom design colors greek fraternity sorority clothing

 Our Sorority Printed Love and Date Burnout Tee screams summer! And it's much cooler than those tacky bumper stickers.

greek black tumbler crest mascot coffee mug sorority fraternity

Are you waking up super early to get to your summer internship? Arrive bright-eyed by carrying your coffee along in our Greek Black Tumbler with Crest. Not into traveling with your beverage? Check out our Custom Mascot Coffee Mug.


greek sorority fraternity tank top custom pattern letters border color somethinggreek


We didn't forget about the guys when it comes to tanks. Check out our new Next Level Fraternity Tank with Twill Letters and order yours before the sale ends!

Want to weigh in on our next round of new products? Follow us on Instagram (@SomethingGreek) where we're always asking for your opinions on new designs!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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