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Thoughts Greek Alumni Have When Visiting After Graduation

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As an alumni who's been back to visit her sorority sisters a lot this semester, there are some pretty interesting things going through my head each time I go back. Here are some of Something Greek's favorites.

1. Who are all of these people? I used to walk in this place and know everyone.

2. Speaking of, I've never paid full price for a drink at this bar before. I wish I knew this bartender. I knew them all two years ago.

3. I can't believe that guy just asked me if I was a freshman. Do I look 18? You know what, don't answer that...

4. Who is that girl wearing my letters? Why have I never met her?

5. This frat used to be soooo different.

6. I'm so sorry, your pledge class is the Gamma what?! God, I'm old.

7. Oh, your grand big gave you that shirt? Who's your grand big? Oh, he was here when I was active. He's your GRAND big?

8. You were born in nineteen-ninety-what now?

9. Oh thank God. That person is older than me.

10. If I start one more sentence with "back in my day..." I'm pretty sure my hair is going to start turning white.

11. Why didn't we have those shirts when I was active. I want one.

12. Please stop thanking me for coming like it's God's gift to the world. It's making me feel awkward.

13. Oh. My. God. You. Are. So. Young.

14. Why didn't we have this when I was here?! (In reference to on-campus eateries, newly renovated kitchens, shuttle buses, etc.)

15. Okay this is it. This is my last visit. (Lol, nope.) Did you have any of these thoughts when you visited your Greek organization for homecoming or another event recently? Let us know your funny thoughts about visiting your sorority or fraternity as an alum!

If I paid for my friends, I surely didn't pay enough.-Michelle Giuseffi

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