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Reasons I'm Thankful For My Sorority This Thanksgiving

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You've always been thankful for things like your family, your freedom, and a roof over your head, and we don't want to belittle that, but your family away from home--your sorority--is a pretty great thing to be thankful for too! Here are Something Greek's top reasons to be thankful for your sorority this Thanksgiving!

"I'm thankful for my sorority sisters, glitter, and red solo cups."  #sorority #greek

1. Teaching you manners. Maybe this doesn't apply to all sororities, but my sorority is built on respect. We give up our seats for alumni and never speak over each other. These acts of courtesy may seem small, but they'll come in handy in the real world too. 2. Bringing your little into your life. Because I have no idea where I'd be in life without mine. 3. Bringing your pledge sisters into your life. I'm pretty sure I'd be dead without my pledge sisters. They know exactly what I'm going to say before I say it and always give the best advice. 4. Having a life mentor. Whether it's your big, your grand big, your pledge mom, or the head of your alumni council there's definitely someone you look up to in your sorority. 5. Teaching you things you'd never learn in a college class. What class is going to teach you how to throw a philanthropy event that raises thousands of dollars? 6. Teaching you how to get along with everyone. You're going to run into people during rush, Greek Week, homecoming, etc. that  you don't particularly care for. Similarly, you will run into people like that after college too. Luckily, you'll know how to handle a relationship that's necessary if not wanted. 7. Crafting skills. You may never need to glitter a perfectly faded sunset on a king size sheet for a homecoming banner after college, but you'll sure be glad you have that skill if an opportunity presents itself. 8. Forcing you to be a well-rounded, contributing member to society. Greek organization members are never the ones to simply party their way through college. Sure you love mixers and formals, but you also love philanthropy events, charity walks, fundraising with your sisters, alumni networking, recruitment, and so much more. 9. Time management skills. You might have learned them as a new member when you were trying to balance school, learning about your organization, and bonding with you pledge sisters, or you might have learned it when you were president and had a job, had an internship, took a little, and--oh yea--had to go to class. 1o. Someone is always there for you. Whether it's 3am and your stranded with a broken down car, or some boy broke your heart, you have a built in support system to pick up the pieces. Tell us your top reason to be thankful for your sorority this year! -Michelle Giuseffi
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