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Fun Spring Philanthropy Events

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We're not sure about where you live, but the springtime thaw began this weekend in New York and we could not be more excited! Staying inside on a day when it's 50 degrees and sunny feels like torture after the winter we had, so Something Greek rounded up some great philanthropy ideas that your chapter can do outside this Spring. 1.Neighborhood Beautification Project One year a few different organizations at my school got together with the town our school is in and helped them pick trash out of various planters on the sidewalks. Then, once it was a little warmer, we helped plant new flowers. A little Spring touch brightens everyone's day!  2. Yard Sale Time to clean out the sorority house (and make a few bucks for your charity of choice while doing it)! I have a very fond memory from a yard sale my sorority held where I was walking back from a coffee run and realized one of my sisters was holding our yard sale sign upside down. 3. Plant a Tree Earth Day is April 22nd. Start planning now and get your entire Greek community involved! 4. Lemonade Stand This could be a good philanthropy idea for finals week. Everyone is a little stressed, maybe sweaty, and in need of a blood sugar boost. 5. Beach Cleaning Okay maybe this isn't an option everywhere, but as a Long Island based company, we know our beaches could use a little love. What better time to clean up the beach than right before beach season? 6. Habitat for Humanity I've always wanted to get involved in Habitat for Humanity. Not that I think I'd be good at building houses, but like I said before it's really about the experience and the memories! 7. Open Mic Night Did you know that March is Music in our Schools Month? Bring music to your school by hosting an open mic night with your fellow Greeks. Bonus points for finding an outdoor space equipped to handle the tunes! 8. Pi a ___ Phi Delta Theta at my school holds a Pi a Phi event every year where you pay a certain amount of money to throw a pie in one of the brothers' faces. Kind of violent if you ask me, but they seem to do well! We don't think there's a more appropriate day to engage in some pie (pi?) throwing than on Pi Day aka March 14th! (Also, probably best to do this one outside so you don't get pie all over the floor of your school.) 9. Paint Easter Eggs with a Local Big Brothers Big Sisters Maybe you haven't dyed Easter eggs in awhile, but I promise you it's as fun as you remember. Spread the joy with some kids in your area! 10. Car Wash What's better than spending the whole day blasting music with your sisters? Raising money for your favorite charity while doing it! You'll barely remember that you're working. What kinds of philanthropy events is your sorority or fraternity planning for this Spring? Let us know your favorites on Facebook and Twitter. Phi Ep Beach -Michelle Giuseffi
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