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Graduation Cap Inspiration

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Whether you're excited for your impending graduation walk or dreading joining the real world, your graduation cap is going to need decorating! Something Greek pooled some of our favorite graduation cap designs from Pinterest. Check them out below!
What, like it's hard? - Legally Blonde!

Channel your inner Elle Woods with a "What, like it's hard?" graduation cap.

Inspire Urself: Graduation Caps | Sorority and Dorm Room Bedding

This studded cap is simple yet fun.

Alpha Phi Graduation Caps

You can't go wrong with glitter and your letters!

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

"Stay hungry. Stay foolish." might just be one of the best quotes for the imminent possibilities the future holds.

This grad cap was created by one of alum, Karina Gutierrez! She designed it for her twin's graduation a year ago and it has been sweeping Pinterest ever since! You can see her many other amazing crafts at  Graduation | Sigma Kappa | Decorated mortar board / grad cap ✰ all-american grad ✰

We're all about this patriotic and lettered graduation cap!

the rest is still unwritten…

We love the chevron and the inspiring quote! We'd just add our letters to the other end of the ribbon.

big bow grad cap

We love the idea of including your motto on your cap!

thanks for the ΦΣΣ memories ♥

You can't go wrong with flowers, glitter, and letters.

Zeta graduation hat.. Love the coordinating tassel! Blue hat, light blue tassel for KKG


We love the bold colors on this ZTA graduation cap.

Grad Cap Ideas | Graduation Cap Design Ideas


We thought this was a fitting end considering we're kicking off finals season. May your coffee be strong and your finals painless!

What kind of Greek-inspired decorated graduation cap are you planning? Tag us (@SomethingGreek) in your Instagram picture so we can see! Also, be sure to order your custom Greek graduation stole before time runs out!

-Michelle Giuseffi



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