New Greek Merch for the New School Year!

04 August, 2015

While we are so not ready for summer to end (please don't remind us about snow!), we are incredibly excited to introduce some of the newest products we've added to the Something Greek website. Here's a hint: you'll find everything from fanny packs to sweatshirts and more. See all of our freshly added products here and scroll down to see some of our favorites. Greek 6-inch Wooden Letters, Greek Letters, Greek Letter Decorations, Sorority Letters, Fraternity Letters

The new Greek 6-Inch Wooden Letters are perfect for crafting and giving as a gift or just keeping for yourself!

Fraternity Varsity Printed Hoody and T-Shirt Pack, Fraternity Hoodie, Sorority Hoodie, Sorority T-Shirt, Fraternity T-Shirt

Get started on your back to campus wardrobe with the Fraternity Varsity Printed Hoody and T-Shirt Pack!

Sorority 26oz Tumbler - Lifetime Guaranteed, Sorority Coffee Mug, Sorority Travel Mug

The new Sorority 26oz Tumbler comes in fun patterns that will bring a little joy to those late night library sessions.

New Sorority Fanny Pack, Greek Fanny Pack

Be the envy of the back to school club fair with a New Sorority Fanny Pack!

Sorority Slouchy Tank - Monogram Print, Sorority Tank Top, Greek Tank Top

We're hoping for an Indian Summer so we can keep wearing the Sorority Slouchy Tank - Monogram Print into October.

Greek Monogram Beach Towel, Sorority Beach Towel, Greek Lettered Beach Towel

Soak up the last few beach days with the Greek Monogram Beach Towel at your side!

Greek Embroidered Beach Towel, Sorority Beach Towel, Fraternity Beach Towel

Want a pop of color (or a pattern) in your beach towel? Check out the Greek Embroidered Beach Towel.

Fraternity Board Shorts, Greek Board Shorts, Fraternity Bathing Suit, Greek Bathing Suit

Soak up the final rays of summer when you hit the beach in these Fraternity Board Shorts.

Sorority Board Shorts, Greek Shorts, Sorority Shorts

Planning on playing some beach volleyball? We suggest the new Sorority Board Shorts.

Greek Monogram Leather Wallet, Fraternity Wallet, Sorority Wallet

What better time to upgrade your wallet than the start of the fall semester? Check out the Greek Monogram Leather Wallet.

Sorority Symbol Charm with Stones and Letters, Sorority Necklace, Sorority Lavalier, Greek Necklace, Greek Lavalier

We know how much you love your sorority symbol, which is why we're introducing the Sorority Symbol Charm with Stones and Letters.

Varsity Printed Fraternity Hockey T-Shirt, Fraternity T-Shirt, Greek T-Shirt, Sorority T-Shirt, Greek Long Sleeve Shirt, Fraternity Long Sleeve Shirt, Sorority Long Sleeve Shirt

The new Varsity Printed Fraternity Hockey T-Shirt is perfect for layering when it's chilly out but not quite cold enough for a sweatshirt.

Let us know what sorority and fraternity products are on your back to campus shopping list on Facebook and Twitter!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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