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"You Sorority Girls Always Seem to Get What You Want"

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"lt always seems impossible until it is done." Recently someone said to me, "you sorority girls always seem to get what you want." My response? Yea, of course we do--mainly because we know how to get it. Here's why when a sorority girl wants something, it's as good as hers 1. We know what we want. In order to get what you want you have to know what you want, right? I've never met a sorority woman who wasn't strong-willed and ambitious when it comes to goals. 2. We're not afraid of a little networking, and we have the connections to back it up. Your dream job? Chances are someone in your tree can help you land it! It's all just a matter of figuring out who to talk to. 3. "I'm able to recall hundreds of important details at the drop of a hat." Okay, so I borrowed this one from Elle Woods. How much time have you spent in recruitment rounds talking to girls, learning things about them, and then remembering to bring them up when you see them in the next round? Showing you care enough to listen and remember won't just land you the perfect addition to your tree, it could also help you land a job or impress your boss. 4. We're not afraid of hard work. How many hours did you put into building that homecoming float? How many pairs of leggings were forever ruined by glitter and glue in the process? How worth it was it when you got first place? 5. Time management is practically our middle name. Your non-Greek friend "doesn't have time" for an internship? You roll you eyes and keep walking. Sorry I have a job, an internship, class, and a chapter meeting to get to today... 6. We have a whole team in our corner. Need someone to psych you up before a big interview or a first date? You've got more than enough options for a pep talk. 7. We're not afraid to aim high. Remember that time you ran for Vice President when you knew you probably didn't have enough experience in the sorority yet? Maybe you didn't get it that year, but I'm sure you were first in everyone's mind when the next election came around! 8. We're creative. I never considered myself creative until I joined my sorority. Whether it's glittering a banner or coming up with unique fundraising ideas, you've definitely exercised the creative side of your brain, meaning you can easily see all of the possible paths to get you where you want to be. 9. We're confident. It's pretty easy to be confident when you've got your big and little both telling you how amazing you are. 10. We don't give up. If my new member education process taught me anything, it's that nothing worth having comes easy. If it's worth it, you'll fight for it! What other traits have you developed as a sorority woman that help you get ahead? We'd love to hear your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter! -Michelle Giuseffi
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