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Fun Ways to Get To Know Your PNMs

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At my school we have informal recruitment in the Fall which means we get lots of extra time to hang out with our PNMs! Unlike in the Spring when silence period lasts from round one until bid day, in the Fall we can talk to PNMs up until pref. There's a little added pressure here to always have an event planned which is why Something Greek has put together this list of fun ways to get to know your PNMs!

Take them to lunch at your favorite off campus spot: I don't know about you, but I rarely left campus as a freshman--mainly because I didn't know where to go! Have a go-to Mexican restaurant? Take your PNMs and show them the gems of your college town.

Go shopping for an upcoming mixer or other themed event: Half the fun of a mixer is finding the perfect outfit! Have a WTF Are You Wearing mixer coming up? Hit the thrift store together! I once found a pink furry vest and my sisters and I got a few laughs in well before the mixer started.

Have them tag along at a philanthropy event: This is the best way to see what kind of sisters they'll be! If they're at the philanthropy event having a good time, they're definitely girls you'll want to give bids to!

Host a Sunday picnic: Before classes start back up again on Monday, head outside and enjoy the beautiful last few days of summer! If you're worried about keeping the conversation going with your PNMs, take along a deck of cards, a Frisbee, or board games.

Participate in a Greek kickball tournament: No, the other orgs won't steal your PNMs! Let them see how close the Greek community is. Who wouldn't want to join a group as close as you guys!

Bring on the ice breakers: I know these sound lame, but something like "Me Too" can help you learn a lot about your PNMs! In case you're not familiar with this game, you sit in a circle and one person says her name and then starts saying facts about herself. When a girl hears something said that they have in common she jumps in and says "me too!" Then that girl says her name and starts listing facts about herself, and the game continues.

Attend a trivia night: We're sure you can find a restaurant that holds a weekly trivia night, but if not, host one at your house. It's super interesting to see what kind of random information people know!

If you have an informal recruitment season this Fall, take every opportunity you have to get to know more about your potential new members. After all, they might just be sisters in a few months! We'd love to hear what fun events you have planned for recruitment this Fall! Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

-Michelle Giuseffi

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