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It's Paddle Season!

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The most wonderful time of the year? It's not the holiday season--it's new member season! And with new members come new paddles. That's why Something Greek is offering a huge paddle sale! Check it out below:

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Going to paint your paddle anyway? Why pay the extra money on a paddle with finishing? Enter the Greek Medium Unfinished Economy Pointed Paddle.


Eco Straight Paddle

 Painting a more basic paddle? Consider the Greek Medium Unfinished Economy Straight Sided Paddle.


 Eco Traditional Paddle

For the simplest paddle of them all, check out the Greek Traditional Unfinished Economy Paddle.


Mascot Symbol Board Package

My favorite Greek wood items are these mascot symbol boards! Get everything you need to decorate yours in this Mascot Symbol Board Unfinished Economy Package.

Mascot Pointed Paddle Package 


Don't want a lot of words on your paddle or want a lot of room to paint a masterpiece? Try one of our symbol packages--available in the pointed paddle, the straight sided paddle, or the traditional paddle.


Letter Mascot Packages

Decorating your own wood product, but need some letters? Check out the Sorority Symbol & Mascot Pack.


Straight Sided Paddle

Go the traditional route for less with this collection of paddle packages that includes your letters, big bro and lil bro/big sis and lil sis attached words, your semester, and letters! This package is available in the straight sided, pointed, and traditional paddles.

 Got your paddle package picked out? Now head over to our Sorority Paddles Pinterest board for some design inspiration!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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