10 Reasons We're Grateful for Greek Life

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With Thanksgiving just days away, we thought we'd put together a compilation of why we're thankful we went Greek. Here are 10 reasons we're grateful for Greek life!

1. It's our home away from home.

Whether it's your pledge master or your big, you've got a mother-like figure, and who knows you better than your pledge class?

2. Greek life makes your big school seem smaller.

Before you were in Greek life, you probably walked around campus not knowing very many people. Now, you probably can't walk 20 steps without walking into someone you know.

3. The memories.

I don't think I'll ever forget my pledge class' first night out as sisters or that one homecoming where "we won everything."

4. Everything Greek life has taught you.

There are lots of things you learn when you go Greek that you'd never learn in a college class. I attribute my skills as trivial as the proper way to glitter a sky at sunset on a banner to as meaningful as respect to my sorority days. Not to mention all you've learned serving on an e-board. 

5. Always having someone to lean on.

And chances are, there is someone in your organization that has gone through the same thing that you're going through right now.

6. All of the amazing alumni connections you've made.

One of those connections might just get you a job one day!

 7. The built in support system.

As a dancer as well as a Greek life member, I can always count on a Greek filled crowd at my shows.

8. For giving you the skills to ANYONE.

Maybe this one is just me, but I'm not the most talkative person. I'm actually pretty quiet, but being in countless recruitment rooms has taught me the art of talking to strangers.

9. Teaching me the importance of giving back.

I did some philanthropy in high school, but that was nothing compared to what you'll do in Greek life. I can honestly say I love being a part of something that makes a difference.

10. Your organization loves you in all your various states.

Whether you're about to drop dead after recruitment week, stressing about an upcoming test, or looking your best for formal, your brothers or sisters love you no matter what.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Something Greek!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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