How to Shop for Your Big/Little

Big/Little is one the most important events of the semester for Greek Life organizations. For the little, it is one of the first signs of being close to the finish line. Being embraced by their big brother/sister for the first time, the check point in the journey much more worth it. As for the big, it is a very remarkable step in their time being in Greek life during college. Adding onto their family legacy, and welcoming a little part of them a bit more closer into the organization completely. Figuring out what to buy for big/little is a task that takes a bunch of thought. Needing to know what designs or garments or accessories to get to match with your little and/or family line.

Matching letters/t-shirts

Finding matching apparel for big/little can be a very hard task for the big. They have to try to see what interests the little has without revealing them as their big brother/sister. Then, the big has to decide how they want to go about getting the apparel. Whether they want to get a specific design printed on a t-shirt, or get letters sewn on. That being said, finding matching apparel is evident. Whether it be hoodies, sweatshirts, long sleeve tees, short sleeves, hats, sweats, and much more. 

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