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Factors That Persuade College Students to Join Greek Life.

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Joining a greek life organization is an accomplishment that will always be remembered for some. Whether you are considering rushing a fraternity or sorority, or already are a member of one, so much goes into your decision to take that big step in your college life. You see a fraternity brother or sorority sister walking around campus and are instantly moved by the possibility of you wearing a pair of customed letters just like they are. Here are some persuading factors that ultimately goes into college students deciding to join greek life. 


Sorority Letter T-Shirts


Typically, one of the first things you see on campus are upperclassmen wearing a pair of letters. Some may wonder, why are students walking around campus with weird looking letters on their custom shirts or hoodies? ,Most of the time, those students will go up to you and talk to you about ways to get involved on campus. They point out obvious reasons why you should get involved on campus, and then go onto talk about their respective greek life organizations and recruit you to come out to recruitment events, or just to hang out. With freshmen looking for ways to meet new people in an environment they are completely unfamiliar with, greek life will most likely give them the best opportunity to meet people and gain familiarity with their peers on campus. 


When you move into your dorm for the first time freshmen year, one of the first things you do is hang out and learn more about your roommate, and the people on your floor. Being completely new to this college lifestyle, the people you have just met may have been speaking to upperclassmen who are in greek life. They may have invited one of your new friends to a party or event later on that night and you come along, you go to a house or on campus apartment, meet some members, they show you stuff around the house like fraternity or sorority paddles, cool customed lettered apparel, and much more. While you may have had no interest in greek life before coming to college, going out with your new friends and trying to get familiar with them is really the only thing on your mind. 

Sorority Family Tree


One of the biggest reasons why students are eager to learn about greek life and if it's right for them, is learning about the opportunity to build connections. Connections are arguably one of the more important things in life for anything really. Especially in greek life, where common traditions such as big-little, homecoming, philanthropies, Greek Week, Formal, and other chapter events, are some of the best ways to meet and connect with other people, whether you are currently rushing or a current member. One major factor as to why students join greek life is to ultimately grow their network and build more connections for potential future endeavors. 

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