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Congrats, you are initiated! What next?

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You just went through your chapter's new member process, filled with traditions that go back decades of your chapter's history. After a time-consuming period of time, you are in! Your big presented you your first pair of letters, and you come back to reality. The first question you ask yourself once you are in is, what now? 

Shop Greek Lettered Apparel

You're big presented you your first pair of letters, which may be your most important pair. But now that you are in, enjoy it! Make sure you share your wardrobe nice with various types of Greek life apparel like short-sleeve's, long-sleeve's, v-neck tees, crewnecks, hoodies, quarter-zips, jackets, pants, hats, beanies, accessories, and much more! This is the moment you have been working for all semester. There really is no better feeling in the world than walking around campus repping your letters. Now that you are in, embrace every second of it!

Come back to reality

Now that you will have more time on your plate, make sure you recharge, and catch up on any and all things that may have been delayed due to the new member process. One of the more important things to circle back on is your school work. With all the time used on your new member process, a lot of school time could have been altered. Make sure you catch up on any assignments, exams, projects, etc. 

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