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The Something Greek Influencer Program

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This fall, Something Greek will be introducing a new program, in which college students involved with Greek life will have the opportunity to represent the Something Greek brand and become an influencer. This is the perfect opportunity for someone who is looking to get free custom lettered merchandise, and also bring in a form of income. Here is some stuff we are looking for in our potential influencers. 

What We're Looking For

The ideal person for this program is someone who is heavily involved in their organization and has a strong following on social media platforms such as Instagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube. Our goal is to give active members of Greek life an opportunity to not only represent our company but also to uphold the reputation and image of their respective organizations. We are looking for individuals who have a knack for creating aesthetically pleasing and engaging content 

What Comes With Being an Influencer for Something Greek

 There is so much to gain when being an influencer for our company, one of which was mentioned before, which is free merchandise. If approved, you will be given a welcome package made specifically for each influencers! The package will include, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories.These will be given to each influencer as a way to show our gratitude and for each influencer to have more clothing to post about. Another perk that comes with this program is the chance to design your own pattern that we will feature on our website! To go along with that, you will be given exclusive discounts to all apparel and accessories like hoodies, jackets, hats, pants, keychains, etc. This is all just a preview of what we will offer you for being an influencer for something greek!


If you are consistently purchasing apparel from us, and one who is very passionate about representing their organization’s image the best way possible, and have a personality for social media, this program is just right for you! We strongly encourage anyone, whether in a fraternity or sorority, to fill out the contact form to learn more about this program! 


Click here to fill out the form. 

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