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A Few Ways to Engage with Chapter Alumnae

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In most organizations, they're typically is a position where a member is in charge of alumni related responsibilities. Although these alumni are no longer active members of the chapter, they are still brothers/sisters for life. Keeping them in the loop of things is very important towards keeping your chapter image high, and keeping the connections between current and past members strong. Here are some ways to engage with the alumni of your chapter. 

Create A Newsletter

A great way to keep the engagement high and keep the past members of your chapter in the loop is to create a newsletter. This newsletter could include achievements by active members like honor roll, presidents list, internships, jobs, etc. Something else to consider putting in the newsletter can be chapter celebrations like formal, big/little, recruitment, bid day, and much more. Even include pictures of members having a good time together, wearing letters. This is a great way for your organization to show the past members who built the foundation of your organization the current state. 

Host Events

Hosting alumni events throughout the school year is a great way to engage with alumni. Whether you are in a fraternity or sorority, this is a great way to show your respect to the ones who came before you. These events are a great way to build connections and catch up with members who were seniors when you first joined. A lot of these events also give current members to get pass downs from alumni. These pass downs can include hoodies, crewnecks, t-shirts, pins, paddles, hats, jerseys, jewelry, and so much more. 



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