Important Questions to ask PNMs

For most, spring semester is in full effect. And for most organization's, it is probably one of the more important times of the year, Spring Rush. For many organization's, spring rush is the most critical time the year. Since essentially the future of their organization is on the line, since most freshmen tend to rush in the spring. It is so important to make a great impression on potential new members, aka PNMs. Even though they are looking to sell themselves on you, you also need to sell your organization to them, more so for the PNMs who are keeping their options open during spring recruitment. Here are some good and important questions to ask PNMs. 

What interests you about Greek Life?

This is a simple, yet effective question to ask a PNM during recruitment. Their answer to this question will tell you a lot about the PNM and your response will tell them a lot about you and your organization. If they tell you something like "I saw Brad and Chad from Theta Chi wearing a bunch of cool clothing with letters on them like hoodies, t-shirts, crewnecks and that would be a fire look, so why not give it a shot." You may need to explain to them that it goes way deeper than the letters on our chest. Give them a bit of a rundown on how Greek Life works and the bonds that can potentially be created while being apart of Greek Life. It will give them a new perspective on Greek life and give them a true understanding on what they might be getting themselves into. 

How are you with handling time-management?

This is one of the more important questions to ask a PNM. More so during their interview process than rush week. But still nonetheless, a very critical question. This will give you an idea on how much of an impact this PNM would have if they are looking to join your organization. You will most likely find this out with anyone really once you get to know them and the more you are around them, but it is still important to see what they say. If they give an answer that tells they do struggle with time-management, it is not the end of the world. That could be a good way to  convince them to go greek overall, by explaining all the time commitment it takes to a valuable member of your organization. Talk about the time needed to set up recruitment, philanthropies, big/little, executive committee positions, Formals, etc. Round it off by saying "While this is indeed a time commitment, it could teach you how to manage your time a bit better." 


It also doesn't hurt to show the PNMs around your organization apartment or house to show them cool stuff such as paddles, composites, pictures, banners, apparel, accessories and much more. 

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