Is it worth joining a fraternity?

It's no secret that Greek life has a consistent negative misconception with it. But what seems to never be mentioned when talking about Greek life is all the positives that comes along with it. From wearing the custom letters, to building life-long friends and connections, all of that seems to be overshadowed by all the negative claims and assumptions. And that's the case primarily with fraternities. Considering joining a fraternity? Here are a few factors that come with joining a fraternity. 

Your time will be occupied

This will be the case, regardless if you’re joining a fraternity or sorority. But more so for guys in a fraternity, you will be spending most of your college days surrounded by your brothers. That may sound a bit much, but it is well worth it. Looking back on your college days, you’re going to remember walking around a different part of campus with your brothers, all wearing custom-lettered t-shirts and hoodies. But you are definitely going to have to make time for your fraternal responsibilities, Such as events like big/little, Greek week, recruitment, socials, philanthropies, chapter, and much more. Although it may seem to be a little bit much to balance considering you need to incorporate your class, study, and work schedule as main priorities, once you’re in you will see why it is well worth it to make time for.

You are actually joining a real brotherhood

You will hear all the time from those on the outside looking in that joining Greek life is just “Paying for friends” which is absolutely not true, especially for fraternities. Once you finish your process of becoming a brother, you will not find a stronger bond created between you and a group of guys. You build a sense of pride and honor by wearing the letters around campus. You will have so many life-long memories such as big/little night, where you will exchange custom apparel, paddles, pass-down's such as accessories, jerseys, jackets, hats, and much more. You will truly get the sense of a real-life brotherhood and it will make your college experience that much better. One day you will walk across stage at graduation in with your lettered stole, and really be proud that you ended up joining a fraternity.


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