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New Greek Merchandise for your Organization!

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If you have not seen it already on the home page, Something Greek just came out with some new products that we all love! These products came out with perfect timing with recruitment season coming up very soon. I am so excited!

First we have the Sorority Wooden Plaque. I like this for a dorm room/bedroom and its perfect to give to your little as a reveal gift, or after they are initiated!

Sorority Wooden Plaque - Live It, Love It - a1007

Next, we just got brand new Sorority Drawstring Backpacks. These are great when you need to walk across campus with your notebooks and laptop. 

Sorority Drawstring Backpack - a1009

We also have these gorgeous Comfort Colors Printed T-Shirt. This one is personally my favorite out of the new products. Comfort Colors are Super Soft and available in lots of Colors! This t-shirt comes with the printed design shown across the chest. Your Sorority will be written out on the top line and then the date you enter will be put on the Est. line below it. I will definitely be purchasing this shirt soon.

Sorority Established Comfort Colors Printed T-Shirt - C1717 - CAD

Last but not least we have the Sorority and Fraternity Pigment Dyed Embroidered Hat. While wearing this hat, you will be able to represent your letters and the school you go to! 

Sorority Pigment-Dyed Embroidered Hat - Adams AD969 - EMB      Fraternity Pigment-Dyed Embroidered Hat - Adams AD969 - EMB






Like what you see? Give us a call at 1800-247-3352 and we can have these ready for you!

-Kalee Naraine

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