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New Patterns For The Fall from Something Greek!

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With the fall in full force, Something Greek has released fall-themed patterns to go along with our new limited-edition Halloween Patterns. We have gone outside the box in the fall this year and are looking to make a huge splash. Here are some of our custom clothing suggestions to match with our new patterns to help you get in the fall spirit with your organizations this year!

Halloween Patterns

This year for Halloween, Something Greek have created limited-edition patterns. We asked you guys for suggestions on Instagram, and we delivered. Some of our newest Halloween patterns we have on our site include Michael Meyers, skulls, black cats, Chucky, and much more. One of my favorite patterns available is the pumpkin spice pattern. This pattern would look so good on a an orange hoodie or crewneck, or even a short-sleeve tee. Another one of my favorite patterns is the Michael Meyers pattern. It is unique because of the green and purple coloring, but this would look really good on a various jackets, including pull-overs, full zip-ups, or even on the varsity jacket. Overall, these limited edition Halloween-paterns are a great new feature we have available right now. You would regret not getting in on the action!

Fall Patterns

The fall is the perfect time to be cozy 24/7. In my opinion, the best season. You have an excuse to throw on a pair of sweatpants, pajama pants, and crewnecks everywhere you go. You can even throw on an occasional beanie indoors. The fall patterns we released on our site are amazing. You will see so many different variations of leaves and fall colors, these are perfect to get on any form of cozy clothing. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your organizations and celebrate fall with each other like never before!

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