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Thank You Professors, Happy World Teachers' Day

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World Teachers' Day; October 5, 2020; U.S. Department of State

Whether on or off campus learning, just know that your professors are trying their very best to educate you despite the impacts of the novel coronavirus disease 2019, so thank you, and happy World Teachers' Day!

2020 has been an extraordinarily challenging year for everyone around the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now, more than ever, educators have to rely on some type of technology to teach you, whether it is via pre or live recording or Zoom. Although they may not be technologically adept, please be kind, patient, and understanding.

Even with the threat of the virus, professors are still essential workers who have to power through and continue working for the next generation's youths and leaders. They have thought of innovative ways to teach your courses, offered additional assistance or extended office hours, and ensured you understand the materials covered as well. Educators may have to work overtime and/or visit the campus on-site to use its resources and/or attend meetings.

Have you ever had a professor who saved your academic career? Or one who changed the way you think, and inspired you to become a better student or person? Do not forget to show your appreciation, and let them know how you feel during the semester and after with your evaluations! Along with your grades, your evaluations are key performance indicators (KPI) that colleges and universities carefully review to determine how successful your educators are at their job, and if they are eligible to be offered to teach for another semester or year, and even research or tenure!

This has undoubtedly been a memorable October 5th, and Something Greek highly respects professors for their perseverance under these dire circumstances and the important work they do for a brighter future.

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