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The Difference Between Fall and Spring Rush

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If you are considering rushing a fraternity or sorority, one of the biggest questions you ask yourself before doing so is “Am I ready to commit to something as big as Greek life?” And if you feel as if you are not ready, then look into waiting out that spring and come back to the question in the fall. If you feel ready now, go for it in the spring. Spring and Fall rush each has their own pros and cons.

Spring Rush

Spring rush is the most common season for freshmen to join Greek life, considering that recruitment is ramped up a bit during the spring. One of the biggest features that come with rushing in the spring is your pledge class. You typically will have a bigger pledge class because most of the time, freshmen pledge in the spring to get the full Greek life experience in the fall. You and your pledge class will make so many memories and you won’t be closer to anyone else in your organization other than your pledge brothers/sisters (Maybe you’re big). Just imagine a paddle or plaque with all your pledge class members’ names on it. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you are a hot weather person, then the spring rush is perfect for you. You will enjoy wearing warm custom-lettered apparel like t-shirts, shorts, baseball and basketball jerseys, caps, and much more. Make sure you stock up once you get in!

Fall Rush

Fall rush is typically for those who did not think they were ready or had time to join Greek life when they were freshmen, and there is nothing wrong with that! In fact, it shows that you really cared about making the full-year adjustment to college. So if this is you, give yourself a pat on the back! While your pledge class is not as big compared to if you were to rush in the spring, it is still special! You are most likely going to have about 2-6 people in your pledge class if you rush in the fall, compared to about 10-20 in the spring. But you will be so close to your small pledge class, probably closer than you would be to your spring class. Another pro about joining in the fall is that the process for you to become an official member is not as long compared to a spring process. And one thing I can’t forget to mention, Greek life apparel is perfect for the fall! From hoodies to jackets, to beanies, to sweatpants, to blankets, and much more!


Before you make the commitment to when you want to rush, make sure you have everything sorted out like GPA, Time, etc. It's not if you do it, it's when. 

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