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“There Is More Love For Texas Than Water”

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Something Greek Donates 600 items of Clothing to the Victims of Hurricane Harvey

“Hurricane Harvey brought terrible destruction, but it also brought out the best inhumanity.” –President Bill Clinton. It has only been a few weeks since Harvey, the destructive category 4 hurricane wreaked havoc on the citizens of Texas. The storm devastated homes and towns throughout the southern eastern coastline up into Houston, leaving millions without power and thousands without shelter, food, water, or even clothing. As the former president said; even within the midst of a huge national tragedy, we see the best in people. Lately Americans have witnessed the good in people come out as they long to help their neighbors and countrymen. Many companies including Something Greek here in West Hempstead, Long Island, have donated to help Hurricane victims.


“We have to do our part in the relief effort”, says Scott McManus, the CEO of Something Greek. “It comes down to doing the right thing to help people in need. Texas needs us and we will be there to help them.”  Something Greek is a custom clothing store specializing in making apparel for fraternity and sorority’s; the store donated 600 garments including a mix of shirts, jackets, and long sleeves that hadn’t yet been customized. While there is still so much more people can do to help Texas and now Florida and Puerto Rico, stores like Something Greek have played a role in helping. We, as a store, are humbled to join the call to action in Texas.

We urge anyone who can to please join in and donate at The Red Cross, The Salvation Army or any other site!

#PrayForTexas #PrayForFlorida #PrayForPuertoRico

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