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A Few Tips for Freshmen before spring recruitment.

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For a lot of schools, spring recruitment is the more emphasized recruitment in Greek Life. Not to say that fall recruitment is not as emphasized, but spring recruitment is more focused on because, for a lot of schools, this is the first time freshmen are actually allowed to rush. Freshmen have been waiting for a whole semester, getting teased everyday by upper class-men they see in class or walking around campus in their letters, whether it be hoodies, t-shirts, crewnecks, jackets, pants, hats, and much more. Now, they get that opportunity go out there and find out which organization is the best place for them to call home the rest of their college careers, and the rest of their lives! Fraternities and Sororities handle spring recruitment a bit different. If you are a freshmen still pondering the idea of joining Greek Life, I hope this article is just for you!


Tips for Spring Sorority Recruitment

Spring recruitment for sororities is typically pretty strict and held to a very high standard. Active members tend to dress very formal and have a specific theme they center around for their rush apparel. They will also display historical chapter items created by members from the past such as paddles, accessories, composites, and much more. For many freshmen, this may seem like a you are interviewing for a job. With sorority recruitment being quite strict, it could potentially be a bit stressful for freshmen. One thing I would recommend is for you to be yourself during the recruitment process. At the end of the day, no organization is going to want to take anyone posing to be anything but themselves. If you be yourself throughout the process, you will end up with the organization just right for you. Sometimes, it may not be your first choice, but by the time it's all over with, you will be grateful you were a sister of your organization. 


Tips for Spring Fraternity Recruitment

Just like with sororities, spring recruitment for fraternities is typically the more emphasized compared to the fall. However, not nearly as strict. typical recruitment events for fraternities consist of hanging out with the brothers, a sporting events, a barbecue, and much more laid back events. All of this is for active brothers to truly get to know the potential new members, and for the potential new members to see which organization is best for them. One major tip of advice I would give to freshmen looking to join a fraternity is to attend every single event during rush week. Showing brothers that you are very invested into greek life is are big positives when evaluating new members. Try to get to know each brother, and be yourself. Ask brothers questions about cool chapter items they have around the house like flags, jerseys, composites, pictures, or even sweatshirts they have on. Ask them about the history of their organization. Ask them questions outside Greek life, like campus life, or classes or majors. You want to do your best to display who you are in every aspect in your life. 

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