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Unique Bid Day Theme Ideas!

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One thing for certain that excites members during bid day is the unique themes that come along with it. Coming up with themes for bid day can be a daunting task for whoever is in charge of it, which is typically an executive board member or head of recruitment. You need to make sure that the theme is unique and helps you and your organization stand out. You need to make sure everything is spot on, from deciding what apparel to get such as short-sleeves, long-sleeves, hoodies, crewnecks, polostanks, hats, accessories; to making sure the theme is up to current trend standards. Here are some potential ideas for themes to consider this upcoming recruitment season!

Musical Inspiration Themes

Our generation is truly moved by various top musical artists today, I would say more than any other generation. We have music so easily accessible to us today, and we are listening basically 24/7. What is a popular artist within your organization? What is a song that comes up at a party that you and all your sisters just vibe out to? Find that song, or artist, or album that brings all of the members of your organization together, and create a theme out of it for bid day! Get a design from that album or song cover, and create a design that you can get apparel screen-printed or embroider on. This will make bid-day that much more special and have a stronger connection with every member. 


Movie-Based Themes

You can never go wrong with having a bid-day theme based on a show or movie that all of your organization can relate to. Like a Euphoria, or Riverdale, or All-American, etc. Make sure this particular theme relates to everyone in your organization. Overall, create these themes that are up to date with current trends going on. it will create much greater memories and make for a great picture on Instagram! 

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