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What to do when you miss your Big/Little over Summer Vacation

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Now that is is Summer vacation, there's no classes, homework, papers to write or many responsibilities. One hard thing is being away from your brothers/sisters, but what is even worse is being away from your big or little! I do not have a little but I find myself missing my big and twin more than ever this summer! 

There are a bunch of things you can do to show your family tree that you miss them or that you're thinking about them. Here are a few:

1. Text them! There's nothing better than getting a text from your big saying they miss you. It is a really special feeling knowing someone will always be there for you. 

2. Send them a care package. Who doesn't love gifts! On the Something Greek website, you can find many things to send to your big/little! You can send them a new set of letters using our $15 sale, which ends at the end of July, a custom teddy bear with shirts that say "Big <3 Little, or vice versa, or these perfect paddle key chains, engraved with "Big Sis" or "Little Sis".

3. Visit them! If they live close enough, make plans and hang out for the day! It is always fun to hang out with sisters outside of school, but it's better with a big/little duo!

4. Have a Skype movie night. Nowadays on Skype, you can do something called share screen. If you have Netflix running a movie and you are on a Skype call, you can share the screen you are watching with the person you are on video chat with, and BOOM! Movie night with big without spending the money at the theater. 

Here is what you can do when you miss your big/little. Need to order new sets of letters? Call us at 1800-247-3352 or go online to our website and order them! 

-Kalee Naraine


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