Why Deleting Your Social Media Accounts for Recruitment is a Bad Idea (2021)

The practice of deleting social media accounts during recruitment was always something that boggled my mind. Social media is SUCH a great recruitment tool, and makes the recruitment process so much easier. Something Greek has compiled our top tips for using social media to your advantage whether you're currently a sorority sister or a PNM. For the Sisters:
  • Create a Facebook group to announce your rush events. Finding a PNM on Facebook is much more chill than asking her for her phone number. Also, you probably don't want to text hundreds of girls for every event.
  •  Learn more about the PNMs you're most interested in (or refresh your memory). At a rush event, you want to get to know as many people as possible, so you might not get a chance to learn every detail you'd like to know about each girl. While you're meeting tons of girls, you might also forget a few details, and that's fine. Chances are you can fill in those missing pieces via their Pinterest or Twitter accounts.
  • Showcase pictures of past events. Of course, you'll have pictures out during recruitment events, but you can only display so many collages. Create a Facebook album each for philanthropy events, formals, mixers, etc. so girls can see what being in your sorority is really about.
For the PNMs:
  • Learn more about the sorority you're interested in. Similarly to what I've said above in the "For the Sisters" section, you can't possibly talk about everything in a recruitment room. Check out the chapter's Facebook page, Instagram page, etc. to see what they've been up to.
  • Get some insight into the Greek community. Does it look like girls are hanging out with girls in other sororities? That's a great sign that the Greek community is unified and not catty. Despite stereotypes, I think you'll find a lot of inter-Greek friendships out there.
  • Most importantly, can you picture yourself there? Check out some of the individual girls' photos. Can you see yourself hanging out with them?
Disclaimer: We understand that some schools require sorority members to delete their social media accounts during recruitment. If that's the case at your school, we're by no means suggesting breaking the rules. However, if you're in a position to decide whether your chapter or your Greek community keeps or deletes their social media accounts during recruitment, we recommend that you keep them (and not just so you can read our awesome Something Greek blog).
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