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Custom Greek Gear Sale

Printing and Embroidery on Sorority & Fraternity Gear

Greek Gear Package Specials & New Clothing

We have a huge selection of Greek Shirts, Sweatshirts, Pants, Jackets, Bags and much more that we offer in our Fraternity and Sorority Package Specials to help you save more. Get all of your favorite Greek Clothing Items at a discounted price with any of our Greek Package Specials. Browse our latest Greek Gear and New Greek Merchandise at unbeatable prices too.

Fraternity and Sorority Banner - GSTC-Banner
Sorority Hoody and T-Shirt Budget Package Sorority Longsleeve / Sweatpants Package - TWILL
Fraternity and
Sorority Banner
as low as $15.99
Sorority Hoody and
T-Shirt Budget Pack
as low as $43.99
Sorority Longsleeve/
Sweatpants Package
as low as $41.99

Printed Greek Gear

Our Printed Fraternity and Sorority Gear is custom-made for your organization in any of the styles you choose. We have customized designs on an array of apparel that you'll love. Take a break from the classic Twill-Letters and change it up with a Printed Greek Design on a tank top, sweatshirt, pants, bags and much more.

Fraternity Fratman Printed T-Shirt - Gildan 5000 - CAD
Sorority Mascot Love Tank - Bella B8800 - CAD Sorority Big / Little Off-The-Shoulder Printed Shirt - Bella 8850 - CAD
Fraternity Fratman
Printed T-Shirt
as low as $12.79
Sorority Mascot
Love Tank
as low as $19.99
Sorority Big/Little
Off-The-Shoulder Shirt
as low as $24.99

Embroidered Greek Gear & Hats

Our high quality Embroidered Greek Gear offers you the classy look of embroidered Greek letters in any fonts and colors you want on any garments. From our Beanies and Hats to our Greek Pullover Jackets and even Sorority Leggings, your Embroidered Fraternity and Sorority Apparel and Accessories.

Greek Earflap Knit Hat - District Threads DT604 - EMB American Apparel Sorority Leggings with Embroidery - American Apprel 8328 - EMB
Greek Pullover Jacket with Embroidery Design - Charles River 9905 - EMB
Greek Pigment Dyed Hat
as low as $15.95
American Apparel
Sorority Leggings
as low as $15.99
Greek Pullover
as low as $39.99

Greek Sweatshirt, Sweatpants and Bags

Get all of your warm Greek Attire from Something Greek, as we carry a huge selection of Sorority and Fraternity Sweatpants, Crewneck Sweatshirts, Full-Zip Hoodies, Quarter-Zips and more. All of our Sweatshirts and Sweatpants come with either Printed, Embroidered or Twill letters

Sorority Embroidered Boat Tote - Bag Edge BE004 - EMB
Property Of Fraternity Sweatpants - Jerzees 973 - CAD Sorority Varsity Printed Quarter-Zip Pullover - Jerzees 995M - CAD
Sorority Embroidered
Boat Tote
as low as $13.59
Property Of Fraternity
as low as $17.59
Sorority Varsity Printed
Quarter Zip Pullover
as low as $23.99

Greek Jackets and Jerseys

Our Greek Jackets and Jerseys are personalized with your Fraternity or Sorority letters in either Embroidery, Print or Twill with the color and pattern preferences of your choice. Whether you're looking for Soccer, Hockey, Baseball or Softball Jerseys with your Greek letters, we have a whole selection right here. Shop our whole variety of Greek Jackets and Jerseys.

Sorority Ladies Overtime Promotional Football Jersey - Teamwork 1372 - TWILL
Sorority Columbia Embroidered Ladies Full-Zip Fleece Jacket - Columbia 6439 - EMB
Sorority Ladies
Football Jersey
as low as $27.99
Greek Enterprise
as low as $40.79
Sorority Columbia
Ladies Fleece
as low as $47.19

American Apparel Greek Gear

American Apparel offers the best quality and most modern style of clothing that we use to customize with your Fraternity and Sorority letters. Whether it's Printed Letters, Twill Letters or Embroidered Letters, personalize and choose the styles, fonts and colors you want. Browse our whole selection of American Apparel Fraternity and Sorority Clothing today.

Sorority Loose Crop Tee w/ Love Hands - American Apparel RSABB380 - CAD
American Apparel Printed Jersey Tee with 10 Fonts - American Apparel 2001 - CAD V-Neck Fraternity Tee with Horizontal Twill Letters - $25 SALE American Apparel 2456 - TWILL
Sorority Loose Crop
Tee w/Love Hands
as low as $13.59
Printed Jersey Tee 
with 10 Fonts
as low as $16.79
V-Neck Fraternity Tee
with Horizontal Twill
as low as $25.00

Screenprinted Greek Gear and Designs

At Something Greek, we help you recreate every vision for awesome T-Shirt Designs you have for your Fraternity and Sorority events, whether it's Greek Recruitment, Fundraisers or Bid Day. Check out all of our pre-made designs or ask our Customer Service team to create new ones. We're here to help you look your best in your Screenprinted Greek Gear.

Become the power of one shirt All You Need Is Love Everyone Loves A Sorority Girl - Pattern
Fraternity Rush and 
Recruitment Designs
as low as $7.90
Custom Screen
Printing Designs
as low as $7.90
Sorority Rush and
Recruitment Designs
as low as $8.90