Custom Greek Letter Apparel and Gear

Sorority & Fraternity Greek Letters Twill & Printed

Greek Letter Special Clothing Packages

Something Greek offers you the easiest buying options when it comes to your new Greek Attire, featuring our Sorority and Fraternity Discounted Clothing Packages. If you're looking for matching t-shirts, sweatshirts, v-necks, crewnecks and more, we've designed these Clothing Packages so you can buy more while spending less. Whether you want to get multiple Greek items for yourself, or you're looking for great gifts for your sisters, brothers, Bigs or Lils, you can't go wrong with our Fraternity and Sorority Clothing Packages.

Fraternity Horizontal V-Neck Tee Package - American Apparel 2456 - TWILL
Sorority Hoody / Sweatpant Package - TWILL
Sorority 2 Hooded Sweatshirts Special - 2 for 1 - Gildan 18500 - TWILL
Fraternity Horizontal
V-Neck Tee Package
as low as $46.99
Sorority Hoody/
Sweatpant Package
as low as $52.99
Sorority 2 Hooded
Sweatshirts Pack
as low as $56.99

Greek Lettered Sweatshirts, Sweatpants and Bags

Stay warm with your Fraternity and Sorority letters with any of our Greek Sweatshirts and Sweatpants. Need a new bag to carry all of your personal belongings? We have a wide variety of Fraternity and Sorority bags too. At Something Greek, we've got you covered no matter what Greek Essentials you need.

Greek Barrel Duffel Bag - Ultra Club 8805 - EMB
Fraternity Hooded Sweatshirt - Gildan 18500 - TWILL
Open Bottom Pocketed Sorority Sweatpants - Gildan 12300 - TWILL
Greek Barrel Duffel
as low as $18.39
Fraternity Hooded
as low as $23.99
Sorority Open Bottom
Pocketed Sweatpants
as low as $27.99

Greek Letter Jackets and Jerseys

Nobody knows the Classic look of Greek Jerseys and Jackets more than we do at Something Greek. We offer you the highest quality brands and styles so your Greek letters will always look their best in any patterns and colors you choose. Shop our huge selection, including Baseball Jerseys, Coach Jackets, Pullover Rain Jackets, Cheer Jerseys and much more.

Sorority Coach's Jacket - Augusta 3100 - TWILL
Sorority Game Day Jersey - J. America 8229 - CAD
Fraternity and Sorority Rugby Shirt - Charles River 9278 - EMB
Sorority Coach's 
as low as $30.39
Sorority Game Day
as low as $35.96
Fraternity and Sorority 
Rugby Shirt
as low as $36.79

Greek Lettered American Apparel Brand Clothing

American Apparel Brand Apparel offers you all of your favorite styles of clothing ready to be customized with your Fraternity or Sorority letters. We offer American Apparel Clothing with a variety of designs including Twill letters, printed designs or embroidery. American Apparel has the most comfortable and durable clothing, from yoga pants to v-necks, making it a versatile and high quality brand for a great price.

Sorority Jersey Tee with Twill Letters - American Apparel 2102 - TWILL
V-Neck Fraternity Tee with Horizontal Twill Letters - American Apparel 2456 - TWILL
American Apparel Sorority Zip Hoody - American Apparel F497 - TWILL
Sorority Jersey Tee
with Twill Letters
as low as $18.39
V-Neck Fraternity Tee
with Horizontal Twill
as low as $25.00
American Apparel
Sorority Zip Hoody
as low as $35.99

Embroidered, Twill & Printed Greek Lettered Apparel

No matter what type of Greek Apparel you're looking for, at Something Greek we guarantee you'll find everything you need and love. Our Twill-Lettered Greek Attire comes in your choice of border colors and pattern designs and always renders that classic Greek letter look. Our Printed Greek Clothing offers you a more relaxed feel and a whole selection of designs and in the colors of your choice. We also offer Embroidered Greek Apparel like our Greek Jackets, Sweaters, Bags and more. 

Sorority Lettered T-Shirt - $15 SALE Gildan 5000 - TWILL
Varsity Printed Fraternity V-Neck Tee - American Apparel 2456 - CAD
American Apparel Greek Track Jacket - 5455 - EMB
Sorority Lettered
as low as $15.00
Varsity Fraternity
V-Neck Tee
as low as $15.99
American Apparel
Greek Track Jacket
as low as $31.19

Greek Lettered Jewelry, Wood and Accessories

We have a huge selection of every single Greek Accessory you'll need. Whether it's Fraternity and Sorority Jewelry, Wood and Paddles, Banners, Pins, Buttons, Stoles, Desk Items, Keychains and more, we have them all custom-made for your organization. Browse through our selection of Greek Jewelry, Wood and Accessories and you won't be disappointed.

Greek Unfinished Medium Double Raised Letter
Greek Lavalier - mc301
Fraternity and Sorority Banner - GSTC-Banner
Greek Double Raised
Unfinished Letter
as low as $1.99
Greek Lavalier
as low as $15.99
Fraternity and Sorority
as low as $15.99