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Big Little Sorority Gift Ideas

Custom Sorority Gifts and Merchandise

Sorority Gift Packages and Big & Lil Sis Gifts

Something Greek offers you our Sorority Gift Packages featuring some of our best-selling accessories. If you're looking for any Sorority gifts, including Big & Lil gift sets, we have a whole selection including Big & Lil Matching Jewelry, Keychains, Mugs and more. Shop our selection of Sorority Accessory Gift Packages and get the best quality gifts for your Sorority sisters.  

Sorority Back 2 School Package 1
Sorority Big Sis or Lil Sis Heart Charm - Campus ID cid247 or 248B
Sorority Custom Car Package - LZR
Sorority Back 2 School
as low as $7.99
Sorority Big Sis or Lil Sis
Heart Charm
as low as $15.99
Sorority Custom Car
as low as $16.99

Greek Frames, Sorority Cups & Keychain Gifts

We have all of your favorite styles of Sorority Keychains, Cups and Mugs and Picture Frames at Something Greek. Our Custom Wooden Greek Frames are made for absolutely any Sorority with any customized text you'd like. If you're looking for the perfect keepsakes and gifts, we also have a wide variety of Sorority Keychains and Sorority Cups and Mugs with designs and your organization's letters. 

Sorority Charm Keychain - Alexandra Co. a1048
Sorority Coffee Mug with Spoon - 6150
Sorority Sisters Forever 4x6 Picture Frame - PTF146
Sorority Charm
as low as $6.60
Sorority Coffee Mug
with Spoon
as low as $7.99
Sorority Sisters Forever
Picture Frame
as low as $15.99

Sorority Clothing Accessories & Sticker Gifts

Shop for Sorority Flip-Flops, Fanny Packs, Stickers and more Sorority Accessories at Something Greek. We offer many different Sorority Designs for your Flip-Flops, and carry a whole selection of Sorority Clothing Accessories and Multi-Purpose Greek Stickers that make the perfect gifts for any Greek occasion.

Greek Multi-Cal Stickers
New Sorority Fanny Pack - 814
Sorority Cheetah Print Flip-Flops - SBL100
Greek Multi-Cal Stickers
as low as $5.59
Sorority Fanny Pack
as low as $11.96
Sorority Flip Flops
as low as $13.49

Greek Notepads & More Sorority Gifts

Prepare for the semester the right way with your Sorority Notepads and other Greek Desk Items and check out our Sorority Gifts, ranging from Greek Love Bears and Sorority Sweatshirt Blankets. Any of these Sorority Accessories make the best gifts for your sisters or Big/Lil.

New Sorority Mascot Notepad - Alexandra Co. a1078 Sorority Love Bear - 25001-2
Greek Sweatshirt Blanket with Twill Letters - Gildan 129 - TWILL
Sorority Mascot
as low as $3.99
Sorority Love
as low as $11.99
Greek Sweatshirt
Blanket with Twill
as low as $23.99

Sorority Jewelry, Bags & Hats Gifts

When it comes to Sorority Jewelry, Hats, Bags and Other Gifts, we pride ourselves in the quality of our products. Our Printed and Twill-Lettered Sorority Bags are personalized to your liking, with different colors and pattern designs. We also offer a huge selection of Sorority Jewelry including matching sister jewelry, as well as a selection of Sorority Hats, from Beanies to Baseball Caps.

Sorority Yupoong Knit Cap - Yupoong 1500 - EMB
Sorority Lavalier with Bead
Sorority Shoulder Bag - Bag Edge BE009 - TWILL
Sorority Yupoong
Knit Cap
as low as $12.79
Sorority Lavalier with
as low as $15.99
Sorority Shoulder
as low as $18.39