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Double Lettering Superstition: A Do or Don't?

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So it's Friday the 13th, which got us here at Something Greek thinking about the old double lettering superstition. Is it bad luck to wear more than one garment of fraternity or sorority clothing at a time?

The first two times I heard of this superstition was from two guys in the same fraternity but at different schools. I wrote it off as something just that fraternity did, but I asked around at work today among other Greek organization members, and I found that just about everyone abides by this rule. I sort of understand the idea of not wearing greek letter sweatpants and a sorority sweatshirt. I guess that's a little overkill, but I won't lie if you came into my room on a Sunday night during a serious study session you'd probably find me wearing just that. My hands seem to have a magnetic attraction to my drawer of Greek gear. Grabbing the closest hoody and pair of sweatpants always seems to translate into putting on letters. But my question still remains, why can't I wear a sorority shirt under my Greek Pullover Jacket? You wouldn't even be able to see both at the same time, and quite frankly, I do it practically every day. Any event my sorority goes to that we're supposed to wear Greek apparel to I usually wear a lettered shirt and my jacket. And what about Greek Week? Next weekend when we have all of our games I plan on wearing my greek sorority jersey, and a sweatshirt. Who knows, it might be chilly during say our softball game, but hot inside the gym when we play dodgeball. I think that's practical. Is that really that bad? I never thought of myself as a particularly unlucky person. In fact, I even won a Superbowl pool this year (despite my hatred for the sport of football, which those of you who read my blog weekly already know).

Maybe I should try it out, and stop double lettering. Who knows maybe I'll have a little lucky streak. Or even better, maybe I'll find a formal date to go with the fabulous Greek formal favors I just ordered. But more on Greek formals another day...

- Michelle Giuseffi

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