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13 February, 2014

With Bid Day behind us, the next thing on your to-do list is going to be crafting! Something Greek has some new and some old (that you may not have noticed before!) items to help when crafting for your new members.

Do It Yourself Greek Wooden Box, Sorority Crafts, Greek Crafts, Little Crafts, Cheap Sorority Crafts, Craft IdeasThis Do-It-Yourself Greek Wooden Box would make a great sorority pin box for your new little.

Do It Yourself Greek Picture FrameA new sorority girl can never have enough picture frames! Grab this Do It Yourself Greek Picture Frame and decorate it in your sorority colors.

Greek DIY Custom Xmas Ornament, Sorority Crafts, Cheap Sorority Crafts, Cheap Sorortiy Gifts, Greek Crafts, Craft Ideas, Cheap Christmas Gifts, Sorority GiftsThe holidays might be over, but you can still make these cute Greek DIY Custom XMas Ornaments for your new members.

Greek Do It Yourself Package, Sorority Package, Sorority Sale, Cheap Sorority Crafts, Cheap Sorority Gifts, Cheap Greek Crafts, Cheap Greek GiftsLike all three of the above DIY items? Get them all for a low price with our Greek Do It Yourself Package Sale.

Greek Large Symbol Plaques, Sorority Plaques, Fraternity Plaques, Sorority Mascots, Greek Mascots, Fraternity Mascots, Greek Plaques, Sorority Crafts, Cheap Sorority CraftsJust as big as a paddle but more fun and festive, our Greek Large Symbol Plaques come in a variety of shapes and we're sure you could think of something creative to paint on one!

Greek Wooden Symbol Boards, Sorority Crafts, Greek Crafts, Fraternity Crafts, Cheap Sorority CraftsLike the Symbol Plaques, but want something a little smaller? Check out our Greek Wooden Symbol Boards.

If you need extra wood letters for crafting, be sure to check out all of the sizes and styles on our site!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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