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10 Ways the New Member Education Process Will Benefit You in the Future

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haha I love this. too bad I never had pledge sisters. But my "sis" and Big and Little have totally seen me like this Sometimes being a new member can be difficult, but as we're sure you've heard before, going through this process is completely worth it. Something Greek has compiled 10 of the best benefits of new member education. 1. You basically just met your future bridesmaids. I can honestly say that no one knows me better than my pledge sisters. Your bond with the people you go through new member education with is a very special one. 2. Someday knowing the Greek alphabet will come in handy. For example, knowing the Greek alphabet is essential for working at Something Greek. 3. You get to meet your school's Greek community. When I went through the new member education process, we had Emerging Greek Member meetings every Wednesday. Meeting people in other organizations now will be super helpful when you become social chair or (gasp) president in a few years. 4. You'll have a new mentor. Your new member educator will become like your mom-- only cooler. 5. Being a new member prepares you for being an assistant in the real world one day. You're told what to do, when to be at specific places, and you learn a ton! 6. You'll learn how to get to lots of places around campus. Whether it's places to hold meetings or where all of the Greeks on campus hang out, you're sure to learn a lot about navigating your campus. 7. You'll probably perfect the art of crafting. Some sororities glitter, others makes paddles. Personally, I learned how to make a mean pillow. 8. You'll perfect the art of multitasking because you won't have time to waste a second. 9. You'll get really good at writing your own words to popular songs. You know, in case that ever comes in handy later. 10. You'll remember the memories you made these few weeks your entire lives. It's the best time you'll never want to have again. -Michelle Giuseffi
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