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How to Order Your Greek Graduation Stole

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It's almost time for that dreaded g-word. Prepare yourself; I'm going to say it. Graduation! If you want to make sure you have your Greek graduation stole in time, we recommend placing your order with Something Greek as soon as possible. Here are some tips and tricks for ordering your stole. 1. Know which kind of stole you'd like to order. We offer three kinds of graduation stoles: Greek Custom Printed Graduation Stole, Greek Graduation Stole with Embroidery, and Greek Graduation Stole with Twill Letters. 2. The Greek Custom Printed Graduation Stole offers the most personalization included in the starting price of the stole. You get your Greek letters, pledge name, and graduation year all for $29.95. Generally, this is also the fastest stole for us to produce. 3. The Greek Graduation Stole with Embroidery is the least expensive ($25.95) and the simplest. For an additional $8, you can add your class and year to the right side of the stole. 4. The Greek Graduation Stole with Twill Letters is the most expensive at $37.95. This includes two inch twill letters on the left side and your class year on the right. 5. Order early. The normal delivery time on each of these stoles is 10-14 business days. We recommend putting a rush on your order if you need it quickly! 6. We have a Greek 24 Hour Custom Printed Stole. If you've cut it very close, this is a good option. Please be aware our 24 hour option means that we'll produce the product in 24 hours. Shipping time is separate. 7. If you're placing a group custom stole order with customizations that are unique to each stole, we ask that you place your order and then send us a spreadsheet indicating the customization to go on each. Please include your order number, and email your spreadsheet to 8. You can always add customization. Want your pledge name embroidered on the Greek Graduation Stole with Twill letters?  Select the location of your additional embroidery under our customization options. Be sure to specify exactly where you want the additional customization in parentheses after your pledge name in the box that says "Wording to be Embroidered". As always, if you have any questions about ordering graduation stoles or if you'd rather place your order over the phone, simply give us a call at 1-800-247-3352. And congratulations! -Michelle Giuseffi

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