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Design Type: CAD / Vinyl Press

Greek Custom Printed Graduation Stole

SIZE: 3" wide by 72" lengthThis graduation stole can be customized for any organization and graduating...... Read more

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SIZE: 3" wide by 72" length
This graduation stole can be customized for any organization and graduating class. This is a PRINTED version of our Graduation stoles and does NOT have twill sewn-on letters or Embroidery. First select the stole color, then select the font you would like used for the Greek symbols on the left side of the stole. Next input the year of the graduating class. You have an option to add your name, a pledge name, nickname, etc. if you would like. Input the name you would like to use, if you do not want a name printed on the stole, just put NONE in that box. If you are adding a name, select whether or not you would like it in single or double quotes. You also have an option to select no quotes, if you do not want a personalized name - then just select no in this box as well. There is 10 character limit for the Personalized Name. Next step is the font for the right side of the stole, the name, class of and the year. Choose your print color will be for the print on both sides of the stole - if you would like each side to be a different color, please call customer service. Last step, enter your organization. 

(Stoles cannot be made for Alpha Kappa Psi, Phi Alpha Delta, Phi Mu, Sigma Alpha Iota, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Tau Gamma or Zeta Tau Alpha due to licensing restrictions.)

Also, Personalized Names Cannot Be Done In Bling Colors.
Rush service is available but please contact customer service about color availability ahead of time. Also we suggest Rush Service on all stole orders with a due date, as we do not know the exact date you are graduating.

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Like other processes, this one uses heat to activate and attach a sort of vinyl sticker onto a fabric. The final product not only looks great, but is also durable and works well with sportswear.

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