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7 Important Questions to Ask PNMs

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It is almost recruitment season and you know what that means -- long talks to PNMs trying to not make it awkward.

You've got the "what's your major?" "where are you from?" and "which dorm are you in?" sorority recruitment questions down, but those just skim the surface. How are you supposed to know if these girls will find their home with your sorority if you know next to nothing about them? Something Greek has compiled a list of the best questions to ask PNMs to learn the most important things about them

1. What did you do in high school?

You want to know if she was a slacker, captain of the volleyball team, or class president right? How involved someone was in high school is usually a good indication of how involved they'll be in your chapter.

2. Have you done any  philanthropic work?

This may come out after asking question number one, but us Greeks are all about helping others. Wouldn't it be good to know a potential new member's experiences with charity work?

3. How do you like [the name of your school] so far?

I know a ton of people who hated their school then pledged and loved it. Personally, I loved my school, pledged, and loved it even more. The important part of this sorority recruitment question is a follow up "why?" If the reason a PNM is hating school is that it doesn't offer their major, you might want to move on. If their reason is geared more towards not knowing a lot of people, well you can obviously change that.

4. Why did you decide to come out for recruitment?

Okay, so a PNM who is only interested in partying can totally lie here, but at least you'll know she can think in her feet. But in all seriousness, you want to know why they are there right?

5. What did you do this summer?

This is a little less awkward than the generic "so what are your hobbies?" question, but chances are you'll learn exactly what this rush does in her spare time.

6. Are you looking into any other clubs or other extra-curricular organizations?

It's always good to have a well rounded sorority. Maybe you'll find your next Greek Week star or the next expert banner painter!

7. Do you have any questions?

This is the most important question in a job interview, and in recruitment. Just be prepared that some PNMs might ask ridiculous things like "do you really have to kill a dog to get in?" Um, no.

And that about wraps up the 7 most important questions to ask PNMs. What's your go to sorority recruitment question? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

Article written by Kalee
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