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Sorority Rush Advice

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We know we've given you tons of sorority rush advice on how to make your recruitment run smoothly. If that's what you're looking for be sure to check out last year's Something Greek Recruitment Series blogs such as How to Change the Subject and Answering Tough Fraternity & Sorority Recruitment Questions. But today we've decided to tell you our sorority rush week tips on what NOT to do this Greek recruitment season.

1. Don't get dehydrated. You don't want your mouth to get dry while you're talking to potential new members. Keep a water bottle with you. Might we suggest this reusable one from Something Greek?

2. Don't wear brand new shoes. It's tempting to go out and buy some awesome new black heels for recruitment. Just be sure to break them in first! Otherwise, you'll have blisters by the end of the first hour-- not ideal.

3. Don't make definite plans for immediately after selections. Sometimes selections go quick: other times they take hours. It's never easy to predict how much time they'll take.

4. Don't make a decision about a PNM until you've heard all of your sisters' thoughts. It used to drive me crazy when girls would write down their selection vote before hearing the discussion.

5. Don't succumb to the easy junk food. When you're tired and stressed, the first thing you want is fatty foods, but try to still eat healthily during recruitment. You'll feel better and your skinny jeans will thank you too.

6. Don't keep your opinions, thoughts, and observations to yourself. See something weird happening among PNMs, speak up!

7. Don't let your school work slack. Of course recruitment is important, but it's the beginning of a new semester, and it's too early to fall behind.

8. Don't drop your recruitment game. Is there a cool girl in one of your classes who you could totally see in your sorority? Invite her to an event! She might not come, but she might and she might just end up being an awesome sister.

9. Don't stay up all night. Recruitment is tiring (but totally worth it!) so make sure you're getting enough rest to be on your a-game.

10. Don't stress. Yes, recruitment gets crazy, but you end up with lots of new sisters and even some new inter-Greek friends. Enjoy it! What advice do you give to your younger members about recruitment? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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