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Sigma Chi Twill Items

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These Sigma Chi Twill-Lettered Fraternity Items are of the best quality out there! At Something Greek, we pride ourselves in offering you great Fraternity Twill Items made just for you. Your Greek letters come in your choice of colors and pattern designs on garments ranging from out Sigma Chi Champion Hooded Sweatshirt, Sigma Chi Crewneck Sweatshirt, Sigma Chi Letter T-Shirt and many more. Browse through the rest of our Sigma Chi Fraternity collection too!

Sigma Chi began in 1855 and was founded by seven men: Thomas Cowan Bell, Benjamin Piatt Runkle, William Lewis Lockwood, Franklin Howard Scobey, Japes Parks Caldwell, Isaac M. Jordan, and Daniel William Cooper. Benjamin Runkle is quoted as saying: "One, and the main, aim and object of Sigma Chi has been, and is, to develop and train broad-minded men who can recognize the wholeness of things and who are not bound down to a contracted, eight-by-ten notion of exclusiveness. There is an absolute necessity for such men." Benjamin Runkle, 1857.

Sigma Chi is one of the largest fraternities in North America. Something Greek is proud to be a licensed vendor of Custom Sigma Chi apparel. A percentage of every sale goes to the Greek Licensing organization and supports brothers in all chapters!