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Sigma Kappa Embroidery Items

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We have all of your favorite Embroidered Sorority Items for Sigma Kappa Sorority here. If you're looking for Sigma Kappa Sorority Classic Snapback Caps, Sigma Kappa Embroidered Pullover Jackets, Sigma Kappa Embroidered Blankets and more, we have it all! These Embroidered Sorority Items all come with you Sigma Kappa Greek Letters embroidered in the colors of your choosing. Whether you get your Sigma Kappa Embroidered Jersey Tee or Champion Sigma Kappa Mesh Shorts, we guarantee you'll love your Sorority Embroidered Garments. Make sure you check out all of our Sigma Kappa Sorority Merchandise by clicking here!
  • Sigma Kappa Canvas Boat Tote1-Color Greek Letters

    $ 19.95

    Sigma Kappa Canvas Boat Tote, 1-Color Greek Letters - BE004 - EMB
  • Sigma Kappa Adjustable Hat2-Color Greek Letters

    $ 15.99

    Sigma Kappa Adjustable Hat, 2-Color Greek Letters - CP80 - EMB
  • Sigma Kappa Pullover JacketBar Design

    $ 39.99

    Sigma Kappa Pullover Jacket, Bar Design - Charles River 9905 - EMB
  • Sigma Kappa Fleece Blanket with Straps2-Color Greek Letters

    $ 22.99

    Sigma Kappa Fleece Blanket with Straps, 2-Color Greek Letters - BP10 - EMB
  • Sigma Kappa Snapback Cap2-Color Greek Letters

    $ 20.95

    Sigma Kappa Snapback Cap, 2-Color Greek Letters - 6089 - EMB
  • Sigma Kappa Embroidered Jersey Tee

    $ 20.99

    Sigma Kappa Embroidered Jersey Tee - Gildan G640L - EMB
  • Sigma Kappa Flexfit Fitted Hat2-Color Greek Letters

    $ 20.99

    Sigma Kappa Flexfit Fitted Hat, 2-Color Greek Letters - 6277 - EMB
  • Sigma Kappa Knit Beanie2-Color Greek Letters

    $ 15.99

    Sigma Kappa Knit Beanie, 2-Color Greek Letters - 1500 - EMB