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Free Pattern Swatches

Free Pattern Swatches

Something Greek

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Disclaimer: Due to color rendering constraints on the internet, the website is unable to accurately render certain colors. Colors also look somewhat different depending on the settings of your computer monitor. The colors shown here are not exact. Please keep this in mind when ordering.
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Unsure how the patterns look or did you want to physically see a pattern to match it up to a certain color? Well, now you can FOR FREE! Click on the patterns link below and browse through over 400 different patterns and then pick out some you would like us to send to you. 5 Patterns max. You will be sent square pattern swatches in the mail. We will ship these pattern samples using the United States Postal Service so allow 3-5 days for delivery. Any questions please call customer service and no, you do not need to return the swatches back to us.

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