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Design Type: Applique / Twill

Greek 3-inch Twill Letters (Letters Only)

You can now order your Greek letters and apply them to your own items... Read more

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    You can now order your Greek letters and apply them to your own items! These are twill letters and will come pressed together, when ordering a border. These particular letters are 3-inch; the borders are a little larger. Price is for the set. There is a glue backing on the back of the letters, which when heated will stick to the surface you are applying it to. For more details, please call customer service.
    Rush service is available for 20% of the total price, this service can be selected during checkout.

    Learn more about Applique / Twill designs

    Pieces of tackle twill, or fabric, are cut then heat-pressed onto the garments and finally sewn-own for a classic look. Jerseys, varsity and letterman jackets are the common apparel type for this customization. This customization option gives a vintage look that is great for traditional greek letter apparel and personalizing the sleeves on hoodies or jackets.

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