Greek Picture Frame Kit - 701-Rect


Greek Picture Frame Kit - 701-Rect Greek Picture Frame Kit - 701-Rect

Greek Picture Frame Kit - 701-Rect

Something Greek

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This Solid Oak Picture Frame comes with all the parts you need to design a great gift. Included are the following: 1- Your Greek Organization's Letters. 2- Your Greek Organization's Mini Symbol. 3- First Name 4- Second Name This Picture Frame holds a standard 4 inch x 6 inch picture. It will stand or hang in both Portrait or Landscape positions. Kits are unassembled, allowing you to design & assemble as you like. Assembly takes about 30 minutes. All orders include a bottle of our clear-drying wood glue. All parts are prefinished -- no further finishing is required. We will choose the sizes of lettering so names fit attractively.

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Style #: 701-Rect


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