Mascot Symbol Board Unfinished Economy Package


Mascot Symbol Board Unfinished Economy Package

Something Greek

$ 29.99 

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A great Package to save you TIME and MONEY. This Unfinished Symbol Package comes with all the parts you need to design a great gift. It is unfinished which makes it great not just for cost but great to Paint! Included are the following - Symbol Board: 1- Select Your Organization's Greek Letters. 2- Select a Symbol. 3- Enter the first name of the BigBrother/Sister 4- Enter the first name of the Pledge - LittleBrother/Sister 5- Select Semester  6- Enter the Year. We even include two of our decorative Connected Letters for your BigBro/LilBro or BisSis/Lil Sis and a bottle of glue!!! Paddles are unassembled, allowing you to design & assemble as you like. Assembly takes about 30 minutes. All orders include a bottle of our clear-drying wood glue. WE will choose the sizes of lettering so names fit attractively - the package pictured is just for example purposes - you may not get the size/style letters pictured. Rush service is available for 15% of the total price.

Any use of this item that causes harm to others is in violation of Greek organization policies and may be in violation of state and federal anti-hazing laws resulting in fines and or imprisonment.

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