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Secret Santa Gift Ideas!

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Secret Santa is a very common holiday game played within Greek Life organizations every year. It is a good way to show appreciation, and get to know some of the individuals within your organization that you don't particularly know compared to others. Whether you get them a gag gift, or a meaningful gift like a pair of letters, it all comes from the heart. Here at Something Greek, we want to make sure the secret Santa gift you give out this year means the absolute world to the receiver. Here are some of our suggestions of gift suggestions for your organization's secret Santa this year. 

Lettered Outwear

If your organization decided on a price limit for secret Santa gifts, most of the outwear on our website might be a reach for you. If there is no price limit, our outwear section would make for a great secret Santa gift this year! We have a broad range of outwear options you can add letters too, such as our bomber jackets, jean jackets, 1/4 zips, full zips, pullovers, fleeces, varsity jackets, and much more. Especially for the cold winter season we have upon us, these would make for a much more special gift. Check out our outwear section today!

Lettered T-Shirts

To save you a little bit of money, we suggest you being simple, but effective, and getting a Lettered T-Shirt for you secret Santa gift this year. Here at Something Greek, our goal is to provide the best priced fraternity and sorority custom apparel out there. We have a wide range of t-shirt options you can choose. Options such as the normal short-sleeve lettered tee, the long-sleeve tee, tank-tops, screen-printed tee's, embroidered tee's, and much more. These will be a bang for your buck, but also serve as an effective secret Santa gift. Check out our t-shirt collection today!

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