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It's Paddle Season!

07 November, 2015

The most wonderful time of the year? It's not the holiday season--it's new member season! And with new members come new paddles. That's why Something Greek is offering a huge paddle sale! Check it out below:

                                greek economy pointed paddle fraternity sorority wood accessories

Going to paint your paddle anyway? Why pay the extra money on a paddle with finishing? Enter the Greek Medium Unfinished Economy Pointed Paddle.


Eco Straight Paddle

 Painting a more basic paddle? Consider the Greek Medium Unfinished Economy Straight Sided Paddle.


 Eco Traditional Paddle

For the simplest paddle of them all, check out the Greek Traditional Unfinished Economy Paddle.


Mascot Symbol Board Package

My favorite Greek wood items are these mascot symbol boards! Get everything you need to decorate yours in this Mascot Symbol Board Unfinished Economy Package.

Mascot Pointed Paddle Package 


Don't want a lot of words on your paddle or want a lot of room to paint a masterpiece? Try one of our symbol packages--available in the pointed paddle, the straight sided paddle, or the traditional paddle.


Letter Mascot Packages

Decorating your own wood product, but need some letters? Check out the Sorority Symbol & Mascot Pack.


Straight Sided Paddle

Go the traditional route for less with this collection of paddle packages that includes your letters, big bro and lil bro/big sis and lil sis attached words, your semester, and letters! This package is available in the straight sided, pointed, and traditional paddles.

 Got your paddle package picked out? Now head over to our Sorority Paddles Pinterest board for some design inspiration!

-Michelle Giuseffi

Famous Greeks!

17 October, 2015

It's back! Here is our latest round up of celebrities in fraternities and sororities including everyone from baseball players, to actors, to corporate legends.

new york yankees joe girardi fraternity greek famous

New York Yankees manager, Joe Girardi, is a member of Alpha Tau Omega.

faith daniels cbs show host zeta tau alpha zta alumna greek sorority

Former CBS Morning News and Today Show anchor, Faith Daniels, is a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha.

chris capuano yankee alpha tau omega greek fraternity

Chris Capuano is also a Yankee and a brother of Alpha Tau Omega.

lynn whitfield actress famous sister alpha kappa alpha aka greek sorority

Actress, Lynn Whitfield, is a sister of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

oscar mayer weiner greek fraternity alpha chi rho famous

Oscar Mayer--yes, that Oscar Mayer--was a brother of Alpha Chi Rho.

lizz winstead daily show comedian greek sorority delta gamma dg alumna famous

Comedian and The Daily Show co-creator, Lizz Winstead, is a member of Delta Gamma.

kirk fogg legends of the hidden temple greek alumni delta chi famous

Remember Kirk Fogg from Legends of the Hidden Temple? Well, he is a member of Delta Chi.

joyce carol oates writer author sister phi mu sorority greek

Legendary writer, Joyce Carol Oates, is a sister of Phi Mu.

tim reid famous actor sister sister alpha phi alpha fraternity alumni fraternity

You might remember him as the dad in Sister, Sister, but he was also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha.

christy carlson romano even stevens famous actor sigma delta tau sdt sorority

If you loved Even Stevens, we're sure you'll remember, Christy Carlson Romano. She is a member of Sigma Delta Tau.

And that's a wrap! Check back next month for more famous Greeks from Something Greek.

-Michelle Giuseffi

The Best New Greek Products

13 October, 2015

Whether you're shopping for yourself, or if you want your new little to be the first on campus with some Greek gear that no one else has yet, we're sure you'll find something you love among Something Greek's new products! Take a look below or see them all here.

                                                                   Big Sis Lil Sis Karma Key Necklace

Does your little hold the key to your heart? Where these Big Sis & Lil Sis Karma Key Necklace to show it! Or get the version with your Greek letters.
Connected Greek Wood Letters
Get started on crafting for you new members with the new Connected Greek Wood Letters!
Sublimated Greek Tank
The Fraternity Dream Team Design is perfect for Greek Week of Fall intramurals. And of course, we didn't forget about the ladies with this design!
Fraternity Jersey
The Fraternity Moisture Wicking Printed T-Shirt is great for the gym!
Sublimated Greek Tank Top
Feathers and Fall just go together! Rock our Hanging Dreamcatcher Sorority Printed Design this season.
Sorority Adventure Printed Shirt
The Sorority Adventure Printed Shirt is fantastic to wear around campus during recruitment!
Flowy off the shoulder little design
Planning a tree event? Why not wear these Sorority Big/Little Off-The-Shoulder Printed Shirts?
Spirit Books
Capture all of your amazing sorority memories in a Sorority Spirit Book!
Sorority Watermelon Letters T-Shirt
Just because it's not summer anymore, doesn't mean you have to stop showing off your obsession with watermelon! Pick up the Sorority Watermelon Letters T-Shirt.
Wooden Slogan Symbols
And last but certainly not least--and my personal favorite--the Wooden Slogan Symbols! This is just one example of all of the cute shapes and adorable sayings. Be sure to check out all of them!
We hope you like these new Greek products! Want to be part of our product selection process? Be sure to follow us on Instagram where we ask for your votes on your favorites!


How to Spoil Your New Little Without Going Broke

27 September, 2015


No one compares:

So you're getting a little this semester? Exciting! Right now you're probably focused on finding the perfect addition to your tree, but what you might not be thinking is how expensive bringing a little into a sorority is. There are so many things you're expected to pay for--not to mention that you WANT to shower her with gifts. But how are you supposed to do that when you have a full course load and a little part time job? Something Greek has some tips.

1) Start early.

I started buying crafts the summer before I thought I might be getting a little. I also started crafting some of them that summer because not only will you be short on cash, you'll also be strapped for time.

2) Take advantage of sales or introductory pricing.

At Something Greek, we often offer new items at lower prices, and be sure to take a peek at the top bar on our website for current sales. You can save money on some of our most popular items by purchasing them in packages. Check out our package deal specials on everything from two t-shirts, to a t-shirt and sweatshirt, to a long sleeve and sweatpants. In terms of crafts, your craft store of choice probably does weekly sales on categories like scrapbooking materials, picture frames, or wooden crafts.

3) Embrace the dollar store.

You know those wooden letters everyone gets to spell out their little's name from Michael's or A.C. Moore? Before you buy them there, check your local dollar store. You might be able to get them there for much cheaper. Dollar stores are also a great place to get picture frames, wine glasses, or beer steins to decorate.

4) Make a list.

Go to the store with a list in hand and stick to it. Some preplanning will help you save money in two ways. First, you'll be less likely to impulse buy if you have a plan. Also, you're less likely to forget something essential to build your crafts, like glue, if you have a list. Not having to take trip back to the store to pick up something you forgot will save you time and gas money.

 5) Don't waste your money on useless crafts.

The best crafts are the ones that are useful. Pick things like picture frames, jewelry boxes, a pin box, or other useful things. Your little doesn't need a piggy bank or a random heart that you painted.

6) Look for quantity discounts.

Can you get together with a group of bigs to buy things like your littles' jackets? Something Greek offers a quantity discount if you order together.

What are you doing to spoil your little without breaking the bank? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

-Michelle Giuseffi

New Patterns for the New School Year!

13 September, 2015

So you're probably pretty settled into the new semester by now. The homework is piling on, you're a little stressed about recruitment, and maybe you're not quite so excited about the new semester anymore. What a perfect time to check out some new patterns for your next Greek Lettered T-Shirt! Here are some of our favorites.

greek fraternity sorority shirts letter pattern color custom summer school year

If you're anything like us, you're probably not quite over summer yet, and what says summer more than pattern C237 featuring lobsters!

greek fraternity sorority halloween pattern custom big lil sis bro

Okay, maybe you are over summer and you're ready for Fall's best holiday, Halloween! Pattern C236 is for you.

greek breast cancer awareness pink ribbon sorority fraternity support

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If your organization is doing a walk or other supportive activity, why not dress the squad in Pattern C239?

greek breast cancer awareness pink ribbon sorority fraternity support

Pattern E471 is another (more subdued) option for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

minions greek letters pattern custom shirt apparel greek gear

If you can't get enough of these adorable minions, Pattern E459 is for you!

Paisley Pattern Custom Greek Letter Patterns

Calling all paisley fans! We're sure you'll love Pattern E462.

pineapples pattern greek fraternity sorority letter border custom color

So you're not supposed to wear white pants after Labor Day, but luckily there is no rule about when you have to stop wearing pineapples! To add some time onto your summer, order Pattern D343.

greek letter pattern custom border color summer school year

Pattern E504 is reminds us of chandeliers and would be perfect on a bright pink shirt with a glitter silver border!

greek frozen sorority fraternity

Caught up in the Frozen craze? Pattern E452 is for you!

greek whale pattern lil big bro sis twin pledge rush

The perfect set of letters to accompany your "Whale you be my little?" sign features pattern E479.

greek pokemon fraternity sorority

Pattern E476: because there is still a Pokemon fan inside each of us.

aztec greek fraternity sorority pattern letters big sis lil bro rush pledge twin pbro psis

We think Pattern E497 is perfect for transitioning from Summer to Fall. The bright colors remind us of Summer, but the Aztec-like print screams Fall.

star gaze greek fraternity sorority pattern letters big sis lil bro rush pledge twin pbro psis

Looking for a great Fall evening activity? Grab a blanket, a sweatshirt featuring letters with Pattern E473, and gaze up at the stars.

colorful greek fraternity sorority pattern letters big sis lil bro rush pledge twin pbro psis

We know cooler weather is right around the corner, but we're sure Pattern E475 will cheer you up on even the gloomiest of days.

kaleidoscope greek fraternity sorority pattern letters big sis lil bro rush pledge twin pbro psis

And last, but certainly not least, we love the colorful, kaleidoscope-inspired design on Pattern E481. 

Like one of the patterns you see here? Head over to Something Greek's website to place your order! And if you want to be one of the first people to see our new patterns, be sure to follow us on Instagram. Sometimes you can even vote for which patterns we'll incorporate onto the website!

-Michelle Giuseffi

4 Steps to Ordering the Perfect Recruitment Shirts

07 September, 2015

greek recruitment season rush pledge class twin lil big sis bro pbro psis


Happy recruitment season! You've got your themes planned, rooms booked, and your ready to show some PNMs how amazing your sorority is. Now, all you need is a shirt that conveys the same message! Here, Something Greek has put together a step-by-step guide on how to place an order for your dream recruitment shirts.

Pick a quote or image

Whether it's a general first round shirt with a quote about your amazing sisterhood or a very specific design that corresponds to your theme (whether it's Mardi Gras or Breakfast at Tiffany's), it all starts with an idea. Send your idea or a specific image to recreate to Need some inspiration? Check out the lists of sorority and fraternity quotes on our website or visit our Recruitment & Rush Shirts and Quotation Inspiration boards on Pinterest.

Choose a garment

You've got your classic t-shirts, but why not switch it up for something as important (and fun!) as recruitment?! You have lots of options to choose from for screen printing. Check them all out here. Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a call at 1-800-247-3352 and we can scour our suppliers' catalogs for the perfect piece. 

Submit your design

Once you've figured our the details, you're ready to send your order over to us! Make sure you have your quantity--including sizes--ready at the time of your order. You can call us, email us, or submit your request via this form.

Approve your design

Within 48 hours of your design request, you'll have artwork from us! Get approval from your president, recruitment chair, etc. then give us a call back ASAP! The sooner we get art approval, the sooner we can get started on your amazing new recruitment shirts!

Have questions? Want to place an order? Give us a call at 1-800-247-3352!

-Michelle Giuseffi 


Fun Ways to Get To Know Your PNMs

02 September, 2015

greek sorority fraternity new pledge rush pledge class pledge master big lil bro sis twin psis pbro

At my school we have informal recruitment in the Fall which means we get lots of extra time to hang out with our PNMs! Unlike in the Spring when silence period lasts from round one until bid day, in the Fall we can talk to PNMs up until pref. There's a little added pressure here to always have an event planned which is why Something Greek has put together this list of fun ways to get to know your PNMs!

Take them to lunch at your favorite off campus spot: I don't know about you, but I rarely left campus as a freshman--mainly because I didn't know where to go! Have a go-to Mexican restaurant? Take your PNMs and show them the gems of your college town.

Go shopping for an upcoming mixer or other themed event: Half the fun of a mixer is finding the perfect outfit! Have a WTF Are You Wearing mixer coming up? Hit the thrift store together! I once found a pink furry vest and my sisters and I got a few laughs in well before the mixer started.

Have them tag along at a philanthropy event: This is the best way to see what kind of sisters they'll be! If they're at the philanthropy event having a good time, they're definitely girls you'll want to give bids to!

Host a Sunday picnic: Before classes start back up again on Monday, head outside and enjoy the beautiful last few days of summer! If you're worried about keeping the conversation going with your PNMs, take along a deck of cards, a Frisbee, or board games.

Participate in a Greek kickball tournament: No, the other orgs won't steal your PNMs! Let them see how close the Greek community is. Who wouldn't want to join a group as close as you guys!

Bring on the ice breakers: I know these sound lame, but something like "Me Too" can help you learn a lot about your PNMs! In case you're not familiar with this game, you sit in a circle and one person says her name and then starts saying facts about herself. When a girl hears something said that they have in common she jumps in and says "me too!" Then that girl says her name and starts listing facts about herself, and the game continues.

Attend a trivia night: We're sure you can find a restaurant that holds a weekly trivia night, but if not, host one at your house. It's super interesting to see what kind of random information people know!

If you have an informal recruitment season this Fall, take every opportunity you have to get to know more about your potential new members. After all, they might just be sisters in a few months! We'd love to hear what fun events you have planned for recruitment this Fall! Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

-Michelle Giuseffi

Famous Greeks Part XXIV

16 August, 2015

Just in time to get you excited for the new school year, we're putting out our next installment of Famous Greeks! As always, here are ten of our current favorite celebrities who rocked Greek letters in college.

steve harvey family fued fraternity greek bro omega psi phi

If "things you'd find in a fraternity house" was a category on Family Feud, we bet Steve Harvey, a bother of Omega Psi Phi, would know the top answer.

Cybill Shepherd client list NYU new york university greek sorority chi omega

The Client List's Cybill Shepherd joined Chi Omega at New York University.

cheech chong fraternity bro greek phi sigma kappa


Comedic actor and half of Cheech and Chong, Cheech Marin, is a member of Phi Sigma Kappa.

dawsons creek andie meredith monroe greek sorority alpha chi omega


Admit it. You spent sick days at home watching Dawson's Creek. Did you know, Meredith Monroe, who plays Andie, is a member of Alpha Chi Omega?


fred savage wonder years nick at nite fraternity greek sigma alpha epsilon famous celebrity


If you're anything like us, you probably spent some childhood late nights watching The Wonder Years on Nick at Nite. Well, Fred Savage, the adorable Kevin from the TV show, is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

kim possible jean smart greek sorority alpha delta pi adp adpi famous celebrities

Did you ever watch Kim Possible as a kid? You might not recognize Jean Smart's face, but we're sure you'd recognize her voice! She played Dr. Ann Possible, Kim's mom on the show. She was also a member of Alpha Delta Pi.

kevin james doug hefferman king of queens greek fraternity pi lambda phi pilam

Kevin James, King of Queens? More like King of Pi Lambda Phi!

gladys knight empress of soul singer famous celebrity alpha kappa alpha aka alumna


Singer, Gladys Knight, is a sister of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

greg kinnear little miss sunshine alpha tau omega greek fraternity alumni famous

Little Miss Sunshine actor, Greg Kinnear, is a member of Alpha Tau Omega.

harper lee to kill mockingbird greek greek sorority chi omega famous celebrity


We've saved this book nerd's favorite for last. Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird and the recently released Go Set a Watchman is a member of Chi Omega.

We hope you enjoyed this latest installment of Famous Greeks! Check back soon for another round up of famous Greek organization members from Something Greek!

-Michelle Giuseffi


"You Sorority Girls Always Seem to Get What You Want"

09 August, 2015

"lt always seems impossible until it is done." Recently someone said to me, "you sorority girls always seem to get what you want." My response? Yea, of course we do--mainly because we know how to get it. Here's why when a sorority girl wants something, it's as good as hers 1. We know what we want. In order to get what you want you have to know what you want, right? I've never met a sorority woman who wasn't strong-willed and ambitious when it comes to goals. 2. We're not afraid of a little networking, and we have the connections to back it up. Your dream job? Chances are someone in your tree can help you land it! It's all just a matter of figuring out who to talk to. 3. "I'm able to recall hundreds of important details at the drop of a hat." Okay, so I borrowed this one from Elle Woods. How much time have you spent in recruitment rounds talking to girls, learning things about them, and then remembering to bring them up when you see them in the next round? Showing you care enough to listen and remember won't just land you the perfect addition to your tree, it could also help you land a job or impress your boss. 4. We're not afraid of hard work. How many hours did you put into building that homecoming float? How many pairs of leggings were forever ruined by glitter and glue in the process? How worth it was it when you got first place? 5. Time management is practically our middle name. Your non-Greek friend "doesn't have time" for an internship? You roll you eyes and keep walking. Sorry I have a job, an internship, class, and a chapter meeting to get to today... 6. We have a whole team in our corner. Need someone to psych you up before a big interview or a first date? You've got more than enough options for a pep talk. 7. We're not afraid to aim high. Remember that time you ran for Vice President when you knew you probably didn't have enough experience in the sorority yet? Maybe you didn't get it that year, but I'm sure you were first in everyone's mind when the next election came around! 8. We're creative. I never considered myself creative until I joined my sorority. Whether it's glittering a banner or coming up with unique fundraising ideas, you've definitely exercised the creative side of your brain, meaning you can easily see all of the possible paths to get you where you want to be. 9. We're confident. It's pretty easy to be confident when you've got your big and little both telling you how amazing you are. 10. We don't give up. If my new member education process taught me anything, it's that nothing worth having comes easy. If it's worth it, you'll fight for it! What other traits have you developed as a sorority woman that help you get ahead? We'd love to hear your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter! -Michelle Giuseffi

New Greek Merch for the New School Year!

04 August, 2015

While we are so not ready for summer to end (please don't remind us about snow!), we are incredibly excited to introduce some of the newest products we've added to the Something Greek website. Here's a hint: you'll find everything from fanny packs to sweatshirts and more. See all of our freshly added products here and scroll down to see some of our favorites.               

                                                                    Big Wooden Greek Letters - Perfect for Painting

The new Greek 6-Inch Wooden Letters are perfect for crafting and giving as a gift or just keeping for yourself!

Discount Greek T-Shirt and Sweatshirt Packages

Get started on your back to campus wardrobe with the Fraternity Varsity Printed Hoody and T-Shirt Pack!

Sorority 26oz Tumblers

The new Sorority 26oz Tumbler comes in fun patterns that will bring a little joy to those late night library sessions.

Greek Fanny Packs

Be the envy of the back to school club fair with a New Sorority Fanny Pack!

Sorority ladies' V-Neck

We're hoping for an Indian Summer so we can keep wearing the Sorority Printed Ladies Deep V Burnout Tee into October.

Sorority Towel

Soak up the last few beach days with the Greek Monogram Beach Towel at your side!

Sorority Beach Towel

Want a pop of color (or a pattern) in your beach towel? Check out the Greek Embroidered Beach Towel.


Greek Monogram Wallet

What better time to upgrade your wallet than the start of the fall semester? Check out the Greek Monogram Leather Wallet.

Sorority Greek Symbol Charm

We know how much you love your sorority symbol, which is why we're introducing the Sorority Symbol Charm with Stones and Letters.

Printed Hockey T-Shirt

The new Varsity Printed Fraternity Hockey T-Shirt is perfect for layering when it's chilly out but not quite cold enough for a sweatshirt.

Let us know what sorority and fraternity products are on your back to campus shopping list on Facebook and Twitter!

-Michelle Giuseffi

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