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Perfect Products for the Fourth of July!

30 June, 2016

We celebrate American Independence Day on the Fourth of July every year. We think of July 4, 1776, as a day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. 

So for such an important in American history, most people like to wear the flag colors, Red, White and Blue to go to the beach, the park, or have a BBQ in their backyards. So, why not rep your respective letters at the same time? Here are the perfect products for the holiday to show your pride for your organization and our great country at the same time.

Here are the Greek Stars and Stripes Flip Flops. These are perfect to go to the beach in and walk the boardwalk, and is a perfect touch for your outfit. 

Greek Stars and Stripes Flip-Flops - SALE SBL100

Next is the Stars and Stripes Fraternity Crewneck Sweatshirt. I know it is usually very hot during this time of the year, but I think this is great for late at night by the beach, where it can sometimes be chilly.

Stars & Stripes Fraternity Crewneck Sweatshirt - SALE Gildan 18000 - TWILL

Here we have the Sorority Stars and Stripes Tank Top. This is perfect for the hot weather and the beach. 

Sorority Stars and Stripes Tank Top - SALE American Apparel PL408 - SUB

Next on the list is the Greek Stars and Stripes T-Shirt with Sewn on Letters. I think this is so cute to show your pride for the country and your organization. 

Greek Stars and Stripes T-Shirt with Sewn-On Letters - Code V 3976 - TWILL

Last but not least, is the Greek Patriotic Package Deal. For just $26.99, you can have a pair of flip flops, a patriotic koozie to hold your drink and a patriotic key chain!

Greek Patriotic Package Deal - SBL100 - SUB

Wearing something patriotic with your letters on it this FOJ? Tag us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

-Kalee Naraine 


19 Thoughts of a Sorority Girl during the Summer

29 June, 2016



3. "I am just gonna chill and watch Netflix all day all night."

3 Days Later... (Spongebob narrator)

4. "I miss my sisters."

5. "Let me just check the GroupMe chat to see what they're up to."

6. *sees picture of them throwing what they know with a beautiful scenery on vacation* "AWW how cuteeeee!" *likes message* 

7. "I wish I could be on vacation right now."

One Month Later... (Spongebob Narrator)

8. "I am having withdrawals from my big."

9. "Should I wear my letters to the beach?"

10. "Should I buy stars and stripes letters from Something Greek for the Fourth of July?"

11. "Ohemgeee my Grandbig just snapped me from her home in California! So jeal."

12. "Speaking of grandbig, I should really put the crafts she made me on my wall."


14. "I definitely need more craft supplies."

15. "Should I take a little next year?"


The Next Day.. (Spongebob Narrator)

17. "Is it August yet?"

18. *texts little* "LITTTTLEEEEEE!"

19. "Mom, can I have some money for gas? I'm going to visit my little."

Famous Frat Boys!

23 June, 2016

Welcome back to a new edition of Famous Greeks! Today I will be showing you 10 famous people who were total frat boys while in college.

Bob Barker, American former television game host, is a brother of Sigma Nu at Drury University.

bob barker price is right greek frat fraternity sigma nu game show host television entertainment rush

NFL superstar quarterback, Eli Manning, is also a brother of Sigma Nu at University of Mississippi, where he also played football. 

Eli Manning

Who knows Blurred Lines singer, Robin Thicke? Well his father, Alan Thicke, is a brother of Delta Upsilon at University of Western Ontario.

Alan Thicke

"Jer-ry!, Jer-ry!" Gerald Norman "Jerry" Springer, host of The Jerry Springer Show, is a brother of Tau Epsilon Phi. 

Jerry Springer

David Letterman hosted 6,028 episodes of Late Night and Late Show, but also is a brother of Sigma Chi.

David Letterman

Known as Ross on the hit TV show Friends, Dave Schwimmer is a brother of Delta Tau Delta.

David Schwimmer

Hottie actor from Supernatural, Matthew Fox, is a brother of Phi Gamma Delta.

Matthew Fox

I bet you did not know that the "Bran" of Brangelina, Brad Pitt, is a brother of Sigma Chi!

Brad Pitt

Corey loved Topanga on Boy Meets World, but I'm sure Ben Savage loved his brothers of Sigma Chi also!

Ben Savage

The hilarious actor, Adam Sandler, is a brother of Tau Epsilon Phi at NYU!

Adam Sandler

These were the famous frat boys! See you next time with another edition of Famous Greeks!

-Kalee Naraine

Something Greek's New Letter Generator!

20 June, 2016

Who remembers the old letter generator, where you had to write down every pattern, garment, and border you wanted, then had to go to a separate page to order them? I do, and I am so thankful that my team here at Something Greek came up with the idea of a new and improved letter design builder!

On the product itself when you are shopping on the Something Greek website, it gives you an option to choose your organization’s letters, pick a border, pattern, and garment color, in order to see exactly what you are going to buy before you place your order. Also, when you are picking the patterns, borders and garment, the generator automatically fills in the boxes below, so all you would have to complete your order is to choose your size and add to cart.

This is a more efficient option, rather than going back and forth between screens like it used to be. So if you are looking for some brand new Greek gear for your little or even yourself, you will love this option, just as much as I do!

Let me show you exactly how it works and a few of my favorite combinations!

When you choose a product, this is what you should see:

greek clothing fraternity sorority letters pattern border ideas gift


To change the letters, all you have to do is press the change button located below the actual letter and scroll until you find them.

This is what it will look like once changed:

greek fraternity sorority dphie letters border pattern ideas big lil sis bro pledge rush


Now I am going to change the border, pattern and garment:

greek fraternity sorority letter generator pattern border

Like I mentioned before, the boxes below get filled in automatically, so you don’t have to go frantically scrolling for the right pattern and colors. You would just have to choose your size!

greek gear fraternity sorority letter pattern ideas big lil sis bro

Here are a couple more of my favorite combinations! :

greek shirts custom letters pledge big lil phisig


Garment Color: Light Pink
Pattern: H604
Border Color: Glitter Gold
greek fraternity sorority gphib letters pattern color border custom big lil sis bro pledge class rush twin


Garment Color: Cardinal Red
Letter Color: Glitter Silver
Border Color: Black


If your organization only has two letters, such as let’s say the fraternity, Kappa Sigma, that can work also, all you would have to do is choose the “NONE” box when you press change.

Here’s what it would look like with a combination of pattern, border and garment:

greek fraternity sorority letter shirts custom color pattern kappa sigma

greek fraternity sorority letters shirts custom pattern color split letters

There you have it, ladies and gentleman. Come in store to show us your favorite combinations or head over to to place your order. There is a sale going on right now for $15 tee shirts, with free borders and patterns! Go get those letters!

-Kalee Naraine

Top Ten Greek Gifts for Your Valentine

31 January, 2016

Whether you're celebrating Gal-entine's Day with your little or Valentine's Day with your significant other, Something Greek has you covered with gift recommendations!

greek sorority fraternity valentines teddy bear love lil big sis bro pledge class rush twins

Show your big or little some love with the Big Loves Lil Sorority Custom Teddy Bear! Looking for teddy for your sorority sweetheart? Check out the Greek Sweetheart Teddy Bear. All versions are on sale until Valentine's Day!
greek valentines gift sorority heart ring accessories greek jewelry
The Sorority Heart Ring with Stones is the perfect gift for any special sorority girl in your life! On sale until 2/7!
greek sorority fraternity valentines lavalier accessories
What better time to gift a Greek Vertical Lavalier with Stones than Valentine's Day? Better yet--they're on sale until 2/7.
greek fraternity hockey hoody hoodie custom color love valentine
Keep your Valentine warm with this Varsity Printed Fraternity Hockey Hoody.
greek valentine gift flower crown festivals rave sorority hawaiian
What's better than a bouquet of flowers? A flower crown! Check out this Daisy Sorority Flower Crown!
Sorority Big Sis / Lil Sis Half Hearts - Campus ID cid611c
Show everyone how much you love your big or little by rocking these Sorority Big Sis/Lil Sis Half Hearts!
greek valentines gift fraternity sweetheart crest cufflink accessories formals graduation
Your fraternity sweetheart will wear these Fraternity Crest Cufflinks well after graduation.
greek valentine gift picture photo frame vintage zphib
Give your gal-entine something she can use to always remember your memories like the Sorority Vintage Paper Frame.
Greek Embroidered Winter Beanie, Scarf and Gloves - Package
Valentine's Day can be chilly! Keep your valentine warm with the Greek Embroidered Winter Beanie, Scarf, and Gloves Package.
We hope you have a fabulous Valentine's Day no matter who you spend it with!

It's Back! Famous Greeks

18 January, 2016

A few years ago we started our monthly Famous Greeks posts as a result of our wondering which stars on the red carpet during awards season were Greek. Now that it's awards season yet again, we're back and super excited to share this latest round up of Famous Greeks!

Trevor Penick

Remember Trevor Penick from O-Town? Well he's a member of Phi Kappa Phi.

Betty Buckley

Calling Pretty Little Liars fans! Remember Regina Marin? Well the actress who plays her in the hit series, Betty Buckley, is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha.

Lionel Richie singer actor famous fraternity greek alpha phi alpha alumni

 Musical legend Lionel Richie is a brother of Alpha Phi Alpha.

Ashley Crow

 Ashley Crow, probably known to you as Sandra Bennet on Heroes, is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta.

hill harper csi greek fraternity alpha phi alpha famous

CSI's Hill Harper, is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha.

Eva Marie Saint celebrity superman returns greek sorority delta gamma alumna

Your grandparents watched her in Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest and you watched her in Superman Returns; Eva Marie Saint is a sister of Delta Gamma. 

John Tesh

John Tesh is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha.

Ever watch The Andy Griffith Show with your parents? Well Aunt Bee aka Hope Summers is a member of Gamma Phi Beta.



Kenny Chesney famous country singer greek fraternity lambda chi alpha

Kenny Chesney is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha.

Beth Stern actress howard stern famous greek sorority delta delta delta tridelta tridelt alumna

Beth Stern, actress and wife of Howard Stern, is a member of Delta Delta Delta.

We hope you enjoyed this latest installment of Famous Greeks! Check back soon for more celebrities in fraternities and sororities.

-Michelle Giuseffi



New Semester Resolutions

03 January, 2016

Okay, maybe by now you've dropped off that "new year, new you" gym routine, but a new semester can be the perfect time to do something amazing especially when it comes to Greek life. Here are Something Greek's new semester resolutions.

greek sorority fraternity new semester rush pledge class big lil sis bro twins pbro psis


1. Attend a philanthropy event for every mixer you go to. Sure mixers are fun, but philanthropy is a huge part of Greek life!

2. Run for a position. Especially if you never have before! It feels amazing to give back to an organization you care so much about.

3. Befriend a younger sister. And no... it can't be your little.

4. Call an older sister. See what she's up to; ask for advice. Bonus points if you call an alumna!

5. Clean out the house basement. I did this once, and while it was a chore, it was so cool seeing old mementos!

6. Plan a mixer with an organization you don't normally chill with. Whether it's that new fraternity, another sorority, or the baseball team, expanding your circle can be fun!

7. Attend a sporting event. As someone who goes to a D1 school, I definitely don't take advantage of this enough. Even better: go in a group, wear letters, take over.

8. Take a fitness class. Bring a sister or two and you'll be more likely to keep going!

9. Clean out your draw of letters. Swap with sisters and make some room for new ones!

10. Find a job that means something. If it weren't for writing this blog at Something Greek, I never would have ended up landing an internship at my dream company!

What are your new semester resolutions? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

-Michelle Giuseffi

Grab Your Gift Cards! Something Greek SALE

30 December, 2015

You know all those gift cards you got for the holidays? Well grab them and place your Something Greek order before this sale is over!

                                           Alpha Epsilon Phi Long Sleeve

Get ready for the cold winter to come! Layer up with the Long Sleeve Greek Shirt with Twill.

Beta Theta Pi Long Sleeve 

What goes perfectly with comfy leggings and cozy socks? The Greek 9.3 oz. Gildan Crewneck Sweatshirt!


Alpha Kappa Alpha Long Sleeve

Prefer a printed option? This Greek Varsity Printed Long Sleeve T-Shirt is a steal at $15.99. Also check out the short sleeve option.


Beta Theta Pi Fraternity Horizontal V-Neck

One of our most popular products is just $22.99 for a limited time! Design your next V-Neck Fraternity Tee with Horizontal Twill Letters now. Also available for the girls here.


FIJI Hooded Sweatshirt

Winter break is all about being comfy. We recommend this Fraternity Hooded Sweatshirt for those lazy days. See the sorority version too.


Pi Beta Phi Game Day Jersey

I can personally attest that this Sorority Game Day Jersey is super comfortable for all of your Winter break needs. 

Varsity Printed Sorority V-Neck Tee - American Apparel 2456

If printed letters are more your style don't miss this Varsity Printed Sorority V-Neck Tee on sale now! Also available in a guys' version here.

plaid lined greek pullover jacket twill and embroidery customized sorority fraternity clothing and merchandise

Get it before it's gone! We have a limited quantity left of this fun spin on our bestselling jacket: the Exclusive Plaid Lined Greek Pullover Jacket with Twill. We also offer this product with embroidered letters instead of twill.

Greek Engraved Gift Box Ornament

Want to stock up on gifts for the holidays next year? Get a jump start while this sale is on! Check out the Greek Engraved Gift Box Ornament. Ornaments are also available in these styles: Greek Engraved Ball Ornament, Greek Engraved Bell Ornament, Greek Engraved Peace Sign Ornament, Greek Engraved Star Ornament, Greek Engraved Teddy Bear Ornament, Sorority Big/Lil Engraved Ornament, Sorority Engraved Angel Ornament, Sorority Engraved Heart Charm Ornament, and Sorority Engraved Heart Ornament.

Greek Bell Engraved Glass Christmas Ornament - CRY1402

Prefer a glass ornament? Check out these styles: Greek Bell Engraved Glass Christmas Ornament, Greek Engraved Heart Glass Christmas Ornament, Greek Engraved Star Glass Holiday Ornament, Greek Engraved Tree Glass Ornament, Greek Engraved Teardrop Glass Christmas Ornament.

Greek Christmas Ornament with Full Color Crest

And one final Christmas ornament option is this Greek Christmas Ornament with Full Color Crest.

See something you like? Head over to and place your order before the sale is over!

-Michelle Giuseffi

10 Reasons We're Grateful for Greek Life

24 November, 2015

greek life sorority fraternity rush pledge big lil sis bro


With Thanksgiving just days away, we thought we'd put together a compilation of why we're thankful we went Greek. Here are 10 reasons we're grateful for Greek life!

1. It's our home away from home.

Whether it's your pledge master or your big, you've got a mother-like figure, and who knows you better than your pledge class?

2. Greek life makes your big school seem smaller.

Before you were in Greek life, you probably walked around campus not knowing very many people. Now, you probably can't walk 20 steps without walking into someone you know.

3. The memories.

I don't think I'll ever forget my pledge class' first night out as sisters or that one homecoming where "we won everything."

4. Everything Greek life has taught you.

There are lots of things you learn when you go Greek that you'd never learn in a college class. I attribute my skills as trivial as the proper way to glitter a sky at sunset on a banner to as meaningful as respect to my sorority days. Not to mention all you've learned serving on an e-board. 

5. Always having someone to lean on.

And chances are, there is someone in your organization that has gone through the same thing that you're going through right now.

6. All of the amazing alumni connections you've made.

One of those connections might just get you a job one day!

 7. The built in support system.

As a dancer as well as a Greek life member, I can always count on a Greek filled crowd at my shows.

8. For giving you the skills to ANYONE.

Maybe this one is just me, but I'm not the most talkative person. I'm actually pretty quiet, but being in countless recruitment rooms has taught me the art of talking to strangers.

9. Teaching me the importance of giving back.

I did some philanthropy in high school, but that was nothing compared to what you'll do in Greek life. I can honestly say I love being a part of something that makes a difference.

10. Your organization loves you in all your various states.

Whether you're about to drop dead after recruitment week, stressing about an upcoming test, or looking your best for formal, your brothers or sisters love you no matter what.

Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Something Greek!

-Michelle Giuseffi

Sorority Crafting Ideas

15 November, 2015

It's that time of year! No--not when every public place becomes inundated with holiday decorations, it's sorority crafting season! Whether you're crafting for a new little or making some budget-friendly holiday gifts for your sisters, Something Greek has some great crafting ideas for you.


ANY SORORITY Custom Canvas  Gold & Spearmint by CaliCanvas on EtsyThis Kappa Delta board kind of reminds us of a paisley print, but also kind of reminds us of a henna tattoo. Regardless, we think it's beautiful!


canvas CUTE! | sorority sugar:

 Three things we love: sororities, daisies, and infinity symbols!


Search results for "Delta Zeta" | sorority sugar:

We love these Tiffany's inspired letters!


Show how big you love your sister today! SororiTEA craft workshop 10% off when you follow us on Pinterest!:


Because sometimes "to the moon and back" isn't quite far enough.


This is great 11x14in painting for anyone looking for a unique sorority painting. *the colors, size, and sorority can be customized upon:

 We love the subtlety of this elephant painting! 


15 + Summer Craft and DIY Ideas for the Home - We made 2 of these Initial Maps for summer birthdays & everyone raved about them!:

 Cute letter idea for the travel-loving sorority girl!


Delta Zeta Sorority Little Gift. Mean Girls themed frame. Perfect for Big/Little Week!:

A burn book inspired picture frame because you're not a regular big, you're a cool big.


Pretty Little Things: Even More Sorority Crafts!:


 Stand out in a sea of wood cutout family trees. This one is so much cuter!


Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse sorority letters!! So cuteeee!:

 Okay, maybe I only think these are cute because my little is currently working at Disneyland, but there's gotta be someone else out there who also agrees!


DIY sorority crafts. Little sister treasure chest.:


 My big made me a similar treasure chest when I got into our sorority, and I keep all of my sorority mementos in it. I'm sure 20 years from now I'll be super glad to have all the important things in one place!

What are you crafting this season? We'd love to see your creations! Tag us in your pictures on Instagram and Twitter (@SomethingGreek)!

-Michelle Giuseffi 

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